The TV Weekly #200: Top 10 Worst TV Shows Of 2016


Well, you saw the best TV shows last week and now, because you love to watch other people suffer…oh hell, who doesn’t?, this is my list of the worst television shows of 2016 and there were some pretty bad stinkers this year. Even in a year when network television had the highest quality it has had in years, there was shows that put no effort into their quality at all, these are the 10 worst of the year:

10. Of Kings & Prophets

Game Of Thrones except made for a primetime network with FCC restrictions and rules to follow….AND that’s why this show failed so hard.

9. The Family

Imagine Gone Girl if it was much lamer and centered around a family that’s even dumber and more unlikeable than Ben Affleck and Rosamund Pike…and you have this pile of dreck.

8. Vinyl

One of the biggest disappointments of the year because it started off with so much potential, the first episode was amazing and then everything after that was just so melodramatic and dull. I mean, what the hell happened?

7. Divorce

This is everything that’s wrong with comedies that try to take a serious subject and make it funny because Divorce is not funny at all, it’s annoying and it’s just uncomfortable. I think both Sarah Jessica Parker & Thomas Haden Church have more than proven their worth as actors over the years but here, there’s just nothing to work with here, it’s one of the most unpleasant and uncomfortable comedies to watch this year.

6. The Walking Dead & Fear The Walking Dead

I’m so done with The Walking Dead and I’m especially done with Fear The Walking Dead. I’m done with both shows because I’m getting sick and tired of watching these shows and not getting anything out of them. Especially with The Walking Dead, stop ending every season on a damn cliffhanger, this isn’t the 1980s when you can get away with this shit, you know why Game Of Thrones is beating your ass because when they tease events for next season, they don’t end every season on a damn cliffhanger.

5. Fuller House

Ladies & Gentlemen, allow me to present one of the worst examples of nostalgia fever, Fuller House does absolutely nothing worthwhile to make itself watchable, much like the original series had nothing to make it worthwhile…sorry, I never liked this show growing up and I don’t like this show now.

4. MADtv

After seven years, MADtv returned to television, now as a primetime series for The CW and those were expecting the series to return to its’ former glory from 1995 to 2002…will be disappointed to find that the show has returned to the lousy years, 2003 to 2009.

The series doesn’t work because none of the new cast members have any charisma or charm to them at all, they are forced to bring in the original cast in every single episode just to give them something to work off of and even some of them look like they don’t even want to be a part of this.

On top of that, the comedy in this new revival is just so dull, there are episodes where you do not laugh at a single sketch. In the first episode, they do this bit on The Bachelor and there’s literally 5 minutes of them explaining the joke about how black people are treated on that show and the joke goes nowhere, it’s nothing but explaining the joke.

They made such a big deal about bringing MADtv back after all these years and this is what you made us wait for? It’s the equivalent of Fox trying to force us into thinking anybody wanted another Independence Day movie. Nobody was asking for that stupid Independence Day movie and nobody was asking for this stupid MADtv revival. It should’ve stayed dead.

3. Second Chance

And who would’ve thought the 80 billionth Frankenstein in modern times adaptation would fail miserably? Well, let’s be honest, the fact this show changed titles at least 3 different times and the concept alone was generic and forced, maybe it is no wonder this failed miserably. The cast itself is pretty bland and the show tries nothing new to be entertaining. It’s no wonder why Fox put this on Friday nights after two damn weeks.

2. The Powerpuff Girls

Another series that had a lot of promise in the beginning but then, I don’t know what happened after that. After the first couple of episodes, this show really lost a lot of that magic that made the original series so great and they basically pulled a Teen Titans Go! with this show. Oh, and by the way, Cartoon Network, nice job having a crossover episode of Teen Titans Go! and The Powerpuff Girls even though Tara Strong, who did the voice of Bubbles in the original series and still does the voice of Raven on Teen Titans Go!, as well as both Cathy Cavadini and E.G. Daily quoted not being asked to be in the new revival as “a stab in the heart”, hypocrisy much?

The whole show is like a parody of what people who never saw The Powerpuff Girls thinks the show is, it’s a joke, the ONLY bright side of this show’s existence is that The Powerpuff Girls are back in the spotlight again and they are actually selling merchandise for it again but then again, that’s the only reason they even did this reboot in the first damn place, to make the money. So all-in-all, everybody loses on this one.

and the #1 worst TV show of 2016 is…


Five years ago, we had a show called Allen Gregory, which was also on my worst of the year list for that year, but at least that show was trying to be funny and clever. Bordertown does none of that shit, it is fucking pointless, there is nothing about this show that works, it’s a waste of time, animation, talent, and patience. I struggled to get through this show it was so fucking awful.


Thursday Night Football — Going back to what I said about the NFL’s ratings being down, the biggest reason why Thursday Night Football was not as enjoyable this season is because nearly all of the games this year were blowouts. I mean, that’s fine every couple of weeks but if 95% of the games this year have been nothing but blowouts, you automatically lose the crowd. It says something when the best Thursday Night Football game played this year was a game on Christmas Day…a Sunday…in the afternoon.

Not to mention that as much as I like Penatonix’s music, but the intro they did for NBC…

My god, that’s pretty bad, why not reuse the CBS theme again, that was badass:

Rush Hour — What a terrible adaptation of an actually funny trilogy of films, this is about as bad of an adaptation of a movie series you can get and the worst TV series that Bill Lawrence of Scrubs, Spin City, and Cougar Town fame has had his name attached to.

Bull — CBS doing another boring and lame procedural drama? What a surprise, it’s like that’s been their entire lineup for the last decade. This one doesn’t even make any sense, it’s based on the early years of Dr. Phil McGraw’s career as a trial consultant but really, where’s the fun in that? There’s so much more that could’ve been done with a concept like that but nope, gotta appeal to the older audiences who have no idea what smart television is but hey, we got that NCIS guy in there so, win-win, right? Yeah, it’s only win-win for CBS because they put it on after their highest rated drama, NCIS, just like they do with putting comedies after Big Bang Theory, it don’t mean the show is any good, it means you got that run-off audience to stick around and there is nothing here that works at all.

Uncle Buck — Speaking of wasted potential, what a mess Uncle Buck was. With a cast led by Mike Epps and Nia Long and superstar producer Will Packer on the side, you’d think there would be something there but what you end up getting here is another generic laugh track comedy that is almost as bad as the 1990 Uncle Buck comedy series they did…well, not really, but it’s pretty damn close.

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