Talking Simpsons #437: A Star Is Torn


A Star Is Torn, the 18th episode of season 16 and the 353rd episode overall, was first broadcasted on May 8, 2005 with a script by Carolyn Omine and directed by Nancy Kruse.

A Star is Torn.jpg

Lisa participates in a singing competition with Homer as her manager, but helps Lisa’s rival (voiced by guest star Fantasia Barrino) after being fired.

Yeah, that’s a story that hasn’t been done already before….oh wait, yes it friggin’ has. We’ve seen this story done over and over again in other shows and hell, The Simpsons has done it itself where Lisa is being overshadowed by somebody else in a competition and it’s just like, come on already, you have a chance to do something different with this storyline but no, this episode takes the easy way out and for that, it stumbles big time.

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