The Weekly Address #17



My Take On… — Did Disney Actually Ruin Doug?

Movies In My Collection — Quickie Reviews #13

Actors’ Spotlight — Liam Neeson

Arrow & The Flash — Arrow: Blind Spot / Legends Of Tomorrow: Leviathan

The Reviewing Network’s Favorite Movies — Lost In Translation

The Talk About Nothing — The Face Painter

TV Showcase — Veep #10: Signals

The TV Weekly — Why You Need To Watch This Is Us

More To Say — Sisters

Talking Simpsons — (Friday) Home Away From Homer; (Saturday) The Father, The Son, & The Holy Guest Star; (Sunday) Pork & Burns

Do You Remember? — Punky Brewster: The Animated Series

Movie Stop — Episode 18

TATM: Talkin’ About The Movies — 1996: The Year In Movies

The Magical World Of Disney — Toy Story

The Reviewing Network Live — The 74th Annual Golden Globe Awards

That wraps up this week’s Weekly Address and check back next week for another recap of the past week’s big movie and TV news stories.

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