Talking Simpsons #442: The Bonfire Of The Manatees


The Bonfire Of The Manatees kicks off the 17th season of The Simpsons starting on September 11, 2005 with a script by Dan Greaney and directed by Mark Kirkland. It’s the 357th episode.

After Homer gets into trouble over his football gambling debts, he allows the Springfield Mafia to shoot a porno film (euphemistically called a “snuggle film”) in the house without Marge’s permission. When she and the kids return home from a trip to “Santa’s Village” and find production still going on, a furious Marge leaves for the beach–and encounters a marine biologist named Caleb Thorn (guest star Alec Baldwin) who has dedicated his life to saving manatees.

One of the interesting aspects of this was that the episode predicted the team matchup for Super Bowl XLVIII between the Denver Broncos and the Seattle Seahawks.

Overall, this episode doesn’t really kick into hilarity until Alec Baldwin comes in as Thorn and Baldwin, as he usually does, really does give it his all. It’s his recognizable voice but he really does give it his all to make this character work. But yeah, the first 10 minutes are a real waste of comedic potential, it’s not until Baldwin comes in where the episode really does get its’ juices going.

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