Talking Simpsons #443: The Girl Who Slept Too Little


The Girl Who Slept Too Little, the 2nd episode of season 17 and the 358th overall, was first broadcasted on September 18, 2005 with a script by John Frink and directed by Raymond S. Persi.

After the family successfully protests against a stamp museum being built next to their house, a cemetery is built near the Simpson house instead, making the normally unflappable Lisa realize that someone as smart as her can be afraid of something.

The whole episode is centered on one premise, Lisa is afraid….and that’s just about it. Lisa is scared because there’s a cemetery next door to her home and…that’s about it, it’s just jokes centering around how the cemetery can literally be seen from her own room and her facing her fears and that’s about it and it just never works, there’s just not an effort there to actually create any good humor around that premise or at least stuff that we haven’t seen done in similar stories like this. The episode is kind of a dull one, nothing of interest happens to make it work, it’s a bore, and the jokes don’t really come together.

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