Arrow & The Flash #69: Arrow #36: Heir To The Demon / Legends Of Tomorrow #15: Destiny


Destiny, the 15th episode of Legends of Tomorrow, was first broadcasted on May 12, 2016 with a script by Phil Klemmer & Chris Fedak from a script by Marc Guggenheim and directed by Olatunde Osunsanmi.

Kendra and Scythian are turned over to Savage as he returns to 2166, when he kills Rip’s family again. Sara and Snart, who evaded capture, make plans to rescue the team with the help of Gideon. Druce explains to Rip that the Time Masters helped Savage because an alien race from the planet Thanagar will attack Earth in 2175 and only Savage is able to unite the world and stop them. Druce also reveals the Oculus, which the Time Masters used to manipulate Rip’s team among various others to facilitate Savage’s rise to power, including orchestrating the murder of Rip’s family. Snart and Sara disable the other time ships and rescue the others. The team decides to destroy the Oculus, only to find Druce waiting for them with soldiers. Having recruited Martin’s 2016 self to help him, Jefferson returns in the jump ship and evens the odds. But the success of the Oculus’ self-destruct costs the life of Snart, who takes Druce out with him. Savage learns of the unpredictability of timeline due to the destruction of the Oculus and decides to make use of the time traveling technology at his disposal.

A pretty good episode, lots of good action and lots of good story and character development.

Heir To The Demon, the 13th episode of Arrow season 2 and the 36th overall, was first broadcasted on February 5, 2014 with a script by Jake Coburn and directed by Wendey Stanzler.

Nyssa Raatko, the daughter of Ra’s and a member of the League, arrives in Starling City to convince Sara to return to Nanda Parbat with her. It is revealed that the two have a romantic history. Sara refuses, so Nyssa kidnaps Dinah and threatens to kill her if Sara does not agree to return. Instead, Sara drinks snake venom. Arrow arrives with an antidote and Nyssa releases Sara from her obligations to the League. Meanwhile, as Moira begins her political campaign, Felicity discovers that Thea’s true father is Malcolm and reveals it to Oliver, who decides to support Moira’s campaign publicly while privately renouncing their familial relationship. Although Sara is welcomed back by her parents, Laurel shows displeasure to her. Sara later joins Oliver; and they make love. In addition, Slade decides to deal with Moira’s campaign against Blood. In flashbacks, Sara and Laurel get into an argument after the latter tells the former that she and Oliver plan on moving in together; and Sara agrees to meet Oliver at the docks. Later, Laurel and Quentin watch a news report about the Queen’s Gambit gone missing. Moira informs them about Sara.

A really good episode, a lot of strong action scenes, good acting, and good story.

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