Talking Simpsons #445: Milhouse Of Sand & Fog


Milhouse Of Sand & Fog, the 3rd episode of season 17 and the 359th overall, was first broadcasted on September 25, 2005 with a script by Patric M. Verrone and directed by Steven Dean Moore.

Homer tries to capitalize on a “pox party” after Maggie is infected with chicken pox, but ends up catching it himself. Meanwhile, Milhouse’s parents reunite after years of being divorced, but Milhouse and Bart try to break them up again after Milhouse’s parents do not pay enough attention to him.

Here’s one that was all over the place, a story that really does not come together well at all, jokes that really don’t set themselves up well, the whole episode is just wasted potential, you could’ve done something more interesting with Milhouse’s parents getting back together but there’s just nothing that makes it work well enough to enjoy the episode overall.

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