Talking Simpsons #446: Marge’s Son Poisoning


Marge’s Son Poisoning is the 5th episode of season 17 and the 361st overall and first broadcasted on November 13, 2005 with a script by Daniel Chun and directed by Mike B. Anderson.

Marge buys a tandem bicycle and after she fails to ride it on her own, Bart offers to ride with her. He soon finds himself increasingly spending time with his mother, until school bullies accuse him of being a “mama’s boy”. Meanwhile, Moe pushes Homer into the world of professional arm wrestling after seeing Homer doing 50,000 reps on his right arm.

Well, this was a welcome return to form, I really love this episode, I love how the show satirizes social commentary on how mothers can love their sons too much and actually make fun of the relationship between Skinner and his mother alongside. The episode does a really good job of satirizing that it and also having a really solid storyline with Homer as a professional arm wrestler that also gets a ton of laughs too.

After three lackluster episodes and a really underwhelming Treehouse Of Horror episode, this episodes put season 17 back on track with a really solid, very funny episode, this is one you’ll definitely want to check it out again.

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