Talking Simpsons #447: See Homer Run


See Homer Run is the 6th episode of season 17 and the 362nd overall, was first broadcasted on November 20, 2005 with a script by Stephanie Gillis and directed by Nancy Kruse.

In order to win back Lisa’s love after shunning her Father’s Day gift (and fearing that the action will cause Lisa to despise all men), Homer takes a job as a costumed mascot known as “The Safety Salamander”, who wins public acclaim for saving drivers from a car accident. Meanwhile, Springfield holds a recall election to get Mayor Quimby out of office.

AND back to the jumbled mess that this season has become after a pretty solid episode prior to this one. My god, this was a mess, the stories went all over the place, none of the jokes worked as well as they should, and there was just no real sense that they put their all into this episode overall.

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