Talking Simpsons #448: The Last Of The Red Hat Mamas


The Last Of The Red Hat Mamas is the 7th episode of season 17 and the 363rd episode overall, first broadcasted on November 27, 2005 with a script by Joel H. Cohen and directed by Matthew Nastuk.

Last of the Red Hat Mamas.jpg

Marge joins a woman’s group after Homer humiliates her at the Mayor’s Easter egg hunt, but Marge discovers that her new friends are thieves planning a heist. Meanwhile, Lisa searches for a tutor to help her speak Italian–and finds one in Milhouse.

The leader of the woman’s group is voiced by Lily Tomlin and Tomlin has enough credibility to her to get a lot of good laughs out a premise like this and for the first half, it definitely has a lot of laughs to it but then, the second half comes around and it’s like the writers looked at this situation and were like “you know what? We want to do something with Mona Simpson going after Mr. Burns again? Oh, wait, we killed her, well, let’s just use it with Marge’s new group and make Tomlin like Mona” because that’s literally what happened here, out of the blue, the ladies decide to just rob Mr. Burns because he’s got Faberge eggs and there’s like no buildup to the change of these characters at all. It just comes out of nowhere and it’s like the writers needed another 10 minutes to fill out so they just throw on this pointless subplot.

I mean, you had something going with this episode in the beginning but by the end it’s just like “yeah, enough of this, let’s rob Mr. Burns” out of the blue and it just doesn’t come together well at all. An episode that starts off really solid and just can’t find its’ way afterward at all.

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