Do You Remember? #70: The Baby-Sitters Club

Let’s flash back to a simple time, the late 80s/early 90s, forget Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook, back then, you had Cabbage Patch Kids, Barbies, and of course, The Baby-Sitters Club:

File:BSC Logo (book series).png

The Baby-Sitters Club (also known as BSC) is a series of novels written by Ann M. Martin and published by Scholastic between 1986 and 2000, that sold 176 million copies. Martin wrote the first 35 books in the series, but the subsequent novels were written by ghostwriters, such as Peter Lerangis and many uncredited others.

The BSC series is about a group of friends, girls between 11 and 13 years old, who live in the fictional, suburban town of Stoneybrook, Connecticut. These friends run a local babysitting service called the “Baby-Sitters Club.” The original four members were Kristy (founder and president), Mary Anne (secretary), Claudia, and Stacey, but the total number of BSC members varies throughout the series. The books are told in first-person narrative from the perspective of the character named in the title who will confront common problems such as illness, sibling rivalry, peer conflicts, jealousy, and parents’ divorce and remarriage.

The success of the books led to a 1990 TV series that aired on The Disney Channel, HBO, & Nickelodeon and ran for 13 episodes and also led to a 1995 theatrical movie also called The Baby-Sitters Club:

So, what made The Baby-Sitters Club such a classic for girls and even some boys too? Well, once again, a lot of the reasons come back to it being a much more simpler time when you didn’t have the internet and phones and you just hung out with people and were being kids, going out to hang out with friends at restaurants, playing outside, going to the amusement parks, just being kids. It’s a reason why Now & Then, a movie that came out the same year as the Baby-Sitters Club movie, also holds up so well, it’s a simpler time back then.

That being said, both the TV series and the movie are kind of cheesy and products of the timeperiod, some of the acting in both the series and the movie is kind of meh, the movie at least has some credible young actors like Schuyler Fisk, Bre Blair, Kyla Pratt, Larisa Oleynik, and Rachel Leigh Cook to make it more tolerable. But overall, both the movie and the show are kind of meh but again, they are products of their timeperiod, they take you back to a simpler time before the internet and the books were fun to read too.

Of all the things that have been rebooted or remade recently, you would think Baby-Sitters Club would be next on the list but really, we know it’s coming sooner rather than later, it’ll probably utilize more of social media and the internet, with some terrible actors, and it probably would be shown on The CW opposite that Riverdale show that just premiered….ah, shit, I just pitched The CW a Baby-Sitters Club reboot, you know it’s coming next.

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