Talking Simpsons #449: The Italian Bob


The Italian Bob is the 8th episode of season 17 and the 364th overall, first broadcasted on December 11, 2005 with a script by John Frink and directed by Mark Kirkland.

After Mr. Burns is teased about his car, he sends Homer and the family off to Italy to pick up his new fancy sports car. While on their Italian adventure, the Simpsons end up stranded in a small Italian village where a rehabilitated Sideshow Bob reigns as mayor with a wife and son.

Now look, I love Kelsey Grammer as an actor and I especially love it when he comes on as Sideshow Bob but my god, even somebody like him couldn’t save this episode. And once again, it has a nice hook to it, Bob actually finds a new life as the mayor of an Italian village and has a family, that really should not be this complicated to do but the way they make Bob return to his killer form in this one is just not put in well at all and with somebody like Lisa, who would NEVER in a million years act the way she does in any other episodes. It just comes off as forced and not realized well at all, there’s just nothing to work with here.

This is another one of those episodes where it just falls apart in the second half because they don’t have anything else to work with and for a Sideshow Bob episode, which are usually the strongest ones of slow points in a season of the show, to do that this time around, it just goes to show how bad season 17 actually was.

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