Talking Simpsons #450: Simpsons Christmas Stories


Simpsons Christmas Stories is the 9th episode of season 17 and the 365th overall, first broadcasted on December 18, 2005 with a script by Don Payne and directed by Steven Dean Moore.

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In this trilogy Christmas episode, Homer tells his rendition of Jesus’s birth during Christmas mass in “The First (Annoyed Grunt)-El”, Grampa tells a Yuletide war story in “I Saw Grampa Cussing Santa Claus”, and Springfield musically prepares for Christmas in “The Nutcracker…Sweet”.

This is the first time an anthology of short stories with The Simpsons had been done with the Christmas holiday, they would do another one like this five years later, and as far as it goes overall, this is a really solid trio of stories to tell.

It is fun to see what the nativity story would be like if told with The Simpsons involved, the war story with Grampa and Mr. Burns is an original nicely told story, and the Nutcracker Suite segment is fun to watch.

There are a lot of really funny moments in this one, this makes me laugh everytime I watch it:

And also a lot of heartwarming moments too, the story of the nativity is very good at capturing some great atmospheric moments in there and even in the Nutcracker segment, the last part of it is so perfectly handled, Homer forgets to get Marge a present and rushes out on Christmas Eve to get something while the tune of Trepak is playing in the background, I won’t spoil how it ends but what I can say it’s that it’s the most heartwarming moment the show had done in years and shows why both Homer & Marge are such a great couple.

Now, there are a couple of faults, specifically in the second and third stories. While I did say the second story was a well told story, I have to admit that it does drag out a little too much, the first and the third stories felt like the amount of time they were suppose to be, the second story just kept dragging on and on and while it was nicely written stuff and very funny, it did feel like it was being padded out too much.

And then the third stories, a lot of the stories that they have don’t really wrap up at all. The kids are in a play version of The Nutcracker, that ends abruptly, Krusty’s doing a holiday special, that ends abruptly, Moe tries to commit suicide again, that ends abruptly. I get that you didn’t have as much time to expand this out because of the short time limit but come on, a little bit more would’ve been nice to have there.

Most of my complaints are essentially nitpicks because I did overall enjoy this one a lot more than I’m making it out to be. Is it as good as some of the holiday specials I’ve looked at? Not really but it does have its’ heart in the right place. Next Christmas, give it a watch and you won’t be disappointed.

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