Arrow & The Flash #71: Arrow #103: Second Chances / The Flash #57: Dead Or Alive


Dead Or Alive is the 11th episode of season 3 and the 57th overall, written by Zack Stentz from a story by Benjamin Raab & Deric A. Hughes and directed by Harry Jierjian.

The woman, who is called the Gypsy, is a bounty hunter with vibe powers similar to Cisco’s intending to take H.R. back to Earth-19 for trial and execution, as inter-dimensional travel is forbidden there. Cisco demands a trial by combat, which she accepts. Barry and H.R. try to ambush her, but are easily defeated. Julian finds a stratagem for Cisco, who uses it to defeat her. Rather than killing her, he allows her to return to Earth-19, but she makes it clear that H.R. can never return, since she will state that she killed him. Meanwhile, Iris, determined to make a legacy for herself, persuades Wally to help her bust an arms dealer. While he is out scouting, she confronts the dealer, seemingly unafraid of death. Wally saves her. Joe gets angry and suspicious due to her lack of fear. Barry informs Wally that he needs to surpass Barry as a speedster in order to save Iris from Savitar.

One of the few times when too much story in one episode really affects the overall episode. I mean, this was a disjointed mess of an episode, too many of the stories go on as you’re trying to figure out what the hell is going on and by the end, you’re just so confused on where everything is going and hopefully, the next episode can fix a lot of those flaws.

Second Chances is the 11th episode of season 5 and the 103rd overall, written by Speed Weed…insert obvious change-your-name-dude joke here… & Sarah Tarkoff and directed by Mark Buting.

During the S.T.A.R. Labs incident, CCPD undercover officer Tina Boland develops a sonic scream after watching her partner die at the hands of drug dealer Sean Sonus. In the present day, Adrian tells Oliver that the NSA has been investigating Walker, but the files are not accessible. Tasking Felicity and Rory to get the files, Oliver takes the others to recruit Tina, who has tracked Sonus to Hub City. She initially refuses to join, but Oliver’s team intercepts her attacking Sonus, who is revealed to be a metahuman capable of using her powers against her. Sonus escapes, and Oliver reveals his identity in an attempt to convince Tina, who later attacks Sonus during a transaction. Oliver’s team intervenes and helps her defeat the dealers, but she kills Sonus . Meanwhile, Felicity meets a hacktivist, whom she inspired during her college days, who gives her the files against Walker. With them, Adrian is able to get John released on bail. Tina meets Oliver and announces her decision to join the team after revealing that her real name is Dinah Drake. In flashbacks, Talia helps Oliver kill an important associate of Kovar’s. She reveals that she assisted Yao, and gives him the suit he will use when he first returns to Starling City.

Again, like with The Flash, there’s way too much story going on in this episode. It’s fine to have too much story as long as you can tell it in the right way where you can still enjoy it but when you throw on different stories one after another and none of them really connect that well, the episode falls apart, and that’s what happens here, too much story going on really dings this episode a lot.

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