Talking Simpsons #451: Homer’s Paternity Coot


Homer’s Paternity Coot is the 10th episode of season 17 and the 366th overall, first broadcasted on January 8, 2006 with a script by Joel H. Cohen and directed by Mike B. Anderson.

Marge’s protest against a toll booth causes an accident at the Springfield Tire Yard (which has been perpetually on fire since the 1980s), melting a frozen section of a mountain and revealing the corpse of a mailman who has a letter from Homer’s mom, who had an affair with a handsome lifeguard who may be Homer’s biological father, voiced by guest star Michael York…

…AND you can see where this is exactly going to go and yeah, it’s a bore. We’ve seen this story done to death over and over again and every possible joke and plot twist that you’ve seen before numerous times is in this episode.

Granted, they do try to make this episode as heartwarming as they think it could be but it just doesn’t work, it’s a dismal mess of an episode that has no redeemable quality to it at all.

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