Talking Simpsons #452: We’re On The Road To D’ohwhere


We’re On The Road To D’ohwhere is the 11th episode of season 17 and the 367th overall, first broadcasted on January 29, 2006 with a script by Kevin Curran and directed by Nancy Kruse.

After Bart steals a key from Principal Skinner’s office and gets himself into hot water (literally, by fooling around with the school’s steam system), Principal Skinner sentences Bart to a “behavior modification camp”–and Homer must give up his Vegas vacation with his bar buddies in order to take Bart there since he has been put on the airport’s “No Fly” List. Meanwhile, Marge and Lisa have a yard sale–and discover that their biggest-selling product are the many expired medications they have accumulated over the years.

YAY, another pointless episode because like the majority of the episodes of this season, this whole episode goes absolutely nowhere because every single thing that happens is completely deus ex machina’d like it never even happened to begin with so, what’s the point of this episode? To fill out 22 minutes so they can complete an episode for the season, that’s it.

A lot of the episode around this time are just fillers to fill a mandate of 22 episodes a season even if the stories will just be pointless by the end of the episode, this is one of the absolute worst ones, I hated this episode when it first aired in 2006 and I hate it even more when I watched again in 2017, avoid this one like the plague.

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