Arrow & The Flash #72: Arrow #104: Bratva / The Flash #58: Untouchable


Untouchable is the 58th episode of The Flash and the 12th episode of season three, written by Brooke Roberts & Judalina Neira and directed by Rob Hardy.

Barry and Wally continue their training in order to save Iris from Savitar. They race against each other and Barry wins easily by phasing through a building. Julian finds a decayed corpse that was murdered just eight hours ago. He informs Joe that this is surely the work of a metahuman. The body is taken to STAR Labs for investigation, where Caitlin and Julian observe it turns to ash. Iris confesses to Barry that she is afraid of her future. The meta responsible for the disintegrated corpse attacks Joe and is revealed to be targeting the police who arrested him in Flashpoint. Barry teaches Wally to phase, which Wally uses to expose the meta to his blood and strip him of his powers. Joe insists that everyone be honest with him from now on after learning of Iris’s future death. While practicing phasing, Wally is shocked to see Jesse coming through a portal. Jesse says her father has been abducted by Grodd and taken to Gorilla City.

Not a whole lot happens in this one as it’s serving more a precursor to the next episode when The Flash goes to Gorilla City as the last bit of the episode shows, this is just kind of a drag of an episode, there was not that many great moments in it, the action is kind of mediocre, and the story just doesn’t come together as well as I think they wanted it to.

Bratva is the 104th episode of Arrow and the 12th episode of season five, written by Oscar Balderrama & Emilio Ortega Aldrich and directed by Ben Bray.

In flashbacks, Oliver and Talia kill a drug dealer on Robert’s list. Oliver and Anatoli decide to kill Gregor. In the present, the team learns that Walker is in Russia for a deal with Chechen terrorists. Oliver takes everyone except Rene, who is tasked to help Quentin with his interview with Susan. Anatoli refuses to help Oliver unless he does something criminal in return, which Oliver initially refuses. After Felicity blackmails a Russian analyst, the team manages to capture Walker’s henchman, whom John tortures, but to no avail. In order to prevent John and Felicity from falling to low morality, Oliver accepts Anatoli’s terms and attacks a rival by Dinah’s help. Team Arrow and the Bratva intercept Walker’s deal; and John decides to spare Walker, who is arrested by the Military Police, while Rory uses his rags to contain the nuclear blast. Upon returning, Oliver has sex with Susan, who later deduces his alter-ego after learning about a similar hooded vigilante in Russia five years prior. Rory tells Felicity that his rags do not function anymore; and he needs to leave temporarily. Meanwhile, Rene helps Quentin have a successful interview.

Again, there’s not a lot here that actually moves the story forward, this is another drag of an episode where you are just hoping for a big twist or turn to move your interest for the episode around and yet, it never comes, it’s just little side stories that try to keep you invested but it just can’t allow you to do so. What you end up getting here is a typical run of the mill episode.

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