Movie Stop #21

Couple of things, first up, a little randomness with the intro, with the recent Double Toasted review of The Lego Batman Movie where Korey Coleman’s laugh sounds like a ghost and I was just messing around with that.

Second, I threw in a couple of these bizarre ads while I was in the theater watching Lego Batman Movie and John Wick Chapter Two that just felt weird to me, not making a whole lot of sense for some strange reason.

Third, the Trolls Blu-Ray & DVD had unsourced review quotes on the back, this is the second Fox animated movie, after Ice Age: Collision Course, in the last year to have unsourced reviews on the back of the box, once again, I’m pretty sure that’s illegal, somebody should look into that.

Fourth, the orchestra playing at Barnes & Noble, when I walked in there, I thought that was actually music on the speakers and not knowing that there was an orchestra playing live music in the back of the store…and they were pretty good too.

Fifth, the thing with the Kung Fu Hustle DVD at Kmart, the sticker on the front of the DVD said $9.99, when I stuck it under the price scanner to see how much it was, it was coming up $14.99 and the sale price was $11.24…so, I took it up to the register to see what was going on and when I bought it, they actually knocked the price back down to $5 because the DVDs were, I guess, 50% off but they didn’t change the latest price guides as they were still 40% off. So, I ended up getting Kung Fu Hustle on DVD for $5.

Lastly, the Lego Dimensions Lego Batman Movie set you see in the header, I actually ended up getting that at Toys R Us because they had one copy left at Best Buy and if you look close at the box, it was scratched up and torn up on the front…plus, I actually got it at Toys R Us at a better price because I price matched it on Amazon for $34.99 instead of paying $50 as the regular price, so for the second week in a row, I got a better deal price matching at Toys R Us than in the store.

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