Movies In My Collection #175: Top 10 Best Sequels


Again, you may be wondering why I’m doing a Best Sequels post because once again, it’s not like there hasn’t been anybody else who has done this yet…okay, just show the video:

At this point, why do I even bother to hide it?

Seeing as how I have never really done an official list of my favorite sequels, I figured, what the hell, let’s do my personal list of my favorite sequels, this is my list of the top 10 best sequels:

10. The Naked Gun 2 1/2: The Smell Of Fear

Maybe the best spoof sequel ever made, Naked Gun 2 1/2 not only doesn’t retread a lot of the first movie’s footsteps but it ups the ante in terms of the story and especially the comedy. The jokes in this movie are so good in this movie, some of the best jokes in the franchise of the series come into this movie. There’s even references to the original Police Squad! TV series as well in this movie too, it delivers more of what you could expect from a sequel to The Naked Gun and it does not disappoint at all.

9. The Empire Strikes Back

Speaking of upping the ante, The Empire Strikes Back delivers a much more epic and enticing story upping the action, the story, and the drama with one of the definitive twists in film history ever brought to the screen. Even if the newer Star Wars movies still continue to deliver the true potential of the franchise, The Empire Strikes Back will still be seen as the definitive Star Wars movie.

8. Star Trek II: The Wrath Of Khan

It’s one of the great sequels and really delivers on everything it’s been promising. The Wrath Of Khan is often considered one of the definitive Star Trek films ever and really, you can’t blame them for that, it’s that epic and awesome. It does everything right that the first film failed to accomplish.

7. Shrek 2

The first Shrek was already a really good movie so it was hard to top something as great as that but I’ll be damned if DreamWorks did just that. Not only was Shrek 2 better than the preceeding film but it was much more funnier and more clever than the original film. If only they didn’t fuck it up with the next movie, this could’ve been a great trilogy on the level of Toy Story.

6. Toy Story 2 & 3

There really is not a whole lot that you can say about the trilogy that has not been said already, they really are some of the most perfect movies out there.

One of the definitive trilogies in film history with three really incredible movies that got better and better with every film. The animation is great, the characters are memorable, the story works, there’s good mixes of comedy and drama, it’s all perfectly blended in to make one of the strongest trilogies ever made.

5. Aliens

Much like how Alien was a game changer for the horror movie genre, Aliens not only upped the ante for the horror movie genre but they made a groundbreaking action movie as well.

This was the first movie that gave us a definitive female action heroine in Ellen Ripley, Sigourney Weaver is just pitch perfect as Ripley, she showcases her action capabilities so well. She’s just such a badass and gives one of the most memorable lines in film history:

I mean, how can you not just get so pumped once you hear that line and then you see her kicking the alien’s ass, Weaver is so great in this.

As well as the rest of the characters, they create memorable characters in Bill Paxton’s Hudson, Michael Biehn’s Hicks, Carrie Hehn’s Newt, Paul Reiser’s Burke, Lance Henriksen as Bishop, so many memorable characters in this movie.

The score by James Horner is fantastic, there’s a reason why this legendary composer left behind such a terrific legacy and Aliens is one of the definitive scores from him:

The action scenes are incredible, the visual effects by Stan Winston are, as usual, fantastic, the aliens look incredible in this.

I mean, really, what else more is there to say about Aliens, it’s a classic movie, not just a classic horror movie, not just a classic science fiction movie, not just a classic action movie, just one of the best classic movies ever made. It’s spectacular, it’s excellent, it’s just plain old fun. Aliens is still the best film in the series, watch this…and then you can pretty much skip the rest of the series after that.

4. Back To The Future Part II

Back To The Future Part II had a lot of big shoes to fill when it got released and boy did they fill them nicely, this is one of the best sequels out there. Not only do they do a fantastic job of continuing the story from the last movie but they up the ante on the adventure and the story and do a spectacular job creating these groundbreaking visual effects to make these different eras of these characters come together the way the film does.

Back To The Future Part II does everything it can to up the ante on the preceding film and it succeeds most of the way through. One of the best sequels ever made.

3. The Dark Knight

I consider Christopher Nolan’s Batman trilogy on the same level as, and this is probably going to be controversial, the original Star Wars trilogy. In a way, it’s not completely false. Both Batman Begins & Star Wars gave us a great introduction to these two worlds creating memorable characters and amazing action scenes. The Dark Knight and The Empire Strikes Back are easily the best films in both series capturing both the memorable characters and awesome action scenes as well as throwing in great twists and turns in every corner. And The Dark Knight Rises and Return Of The Jedi are still good movies but they have a lot of flaws and scenes that make both films the least enjoyable of the series, not to say that they are horrible movies just nowhere near as good as the previous films.

Whatever you may think, The Dark Knight is one of the most perfectly put together movies in recent years, creating new interpretations of memorable characters we’ve come to know and love, making a great story, throwing in a ton of great action set pieces, and making it all seem very realistic, it’s easily the best Batman movie ever made and to try to top it would be impossible to do because of how perfect it is.

It’s not only the movie Batman needed but it’s the movie that Batman deserves. Because he’s not our hero…he’s a silent guardian…a watchful protector…a Dark Knight.

2. Terminator 2: Judgment Day

So, what makes Terminator 2 stand out as one of the definitive sequels.

Well, for one thing, it expands on the story of the original film and manages to create a new twist in having Schwarzenegger’s Terminator, the bad guy in the original film, now playing the good guy to a more menacing threat, Robert Patrick’s T-1000. It’s not a retread of the first film by any means, it creates a new story out of the characters and stories we came to know from the first film.

Schwarzengger, as usual, rocks the house big time as The Terminator and Patrick is as menacing as you can get as the T-1000. Even somebody like Edward Furlong as John Connor is surprisingly really enjoyable to watch in this movie. Linda Hamilton’s Sarah Connor is also giving a more subdued performance in the beginning of the film before she becomes this amazing badass in the second act.

The two greatest aspects about this movie is the amazing music, what an incredible score by Brad Fiedel, right as the movie begins, you are automatically hooked in to the film because of how epic and exciting the movie is:

My god, how do you not get hyped up after a badass intro like that.

The greatest thing about this movie is the special effects, it is amazing how after 25 years these effect still hold up, I mean just look:

And keep in mind this was two years before Jurassic Park really broke down the doors for visual effects achievement. Stan Winston once again does a phenomenal job handling these effects to make them look as authentic as possible.

When it comes to Terminator, the two best movies are easily the first one and this movie. Judgment Day is a movie that was ahead of its’ time and still hold up to this very day, the action is great, the acting is great, the story is great, the music is great, the visuals are great, it’s just such an amazing, amazing movie, it is no doubt one of the greatest sequels of all time, if not the greatest.

and the #1 best sequel of all time is…

The Godfather Part II

Not only is this the definitive sequel but it’s also one of the definitive prequels of all times considering that half of this takes place in the past too. Francis Ford Coppola does an excellent job continuing the story of the Corleone family with great acting, great drama, great storytelling, it’s a movie that not only surpassed the previous movie but it adds more to this story that we never knew we needed and it’s why it’s the best sequel of all time.

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