Arrow & The Flash #74: Arrow #105: Spectre Of The Gun / Legends Of Tomorrow #16: Legendary


Legendary is the 1st season finale of Legends Of Tomorrow, first broadcasted on May 19, 2016 with a story by Greg Berlanti & Chris Fedak and teleplay by Phil Klemmer & Marc Guggenheim and directed by Dermott Downs.

Kendra leaves a message for the team alerting them to Savage’s presence in France, 1944; but they are unable to stop him and only manage to rescue Scythian. Savage reveals that the Thanagarians sent three meteors to ancient Egypt; and he plans to use Kendra’s and Scythian’s blood to activate the meteors’ alien technology and erase time back to 1700 BC, where he can rule. Stein deduces Savage’s method, also concluding that radiation from all three meteors will render Savage mortal, so anyone can kill him. The team breaks up into pairs, traveling to 1958, 1975, and 2021. All three groups kill Savage. Ray and Firestorm destroy two of the meteors, and Rip uses the Waverider to send the last meteor into the sun before it can explode and destroy the Earth. Kendra and Scythian stay behind to defend in 2016 while the others decide to help Rip protect the timeline. Before they can leave 2016, however, Rex Tyler arrives in a future version of the Waverider and warns the team of their impending death.

The last episode of the season does a good job of giving us everything you can ask for in the final battle of the season upping the tension, upping the action, upping the drama, and upping the excitement and Legends ends its’ first season on the most promising note.

Spectre Of The Gun is the 13th episode of Arrow season five, written by Marc Guggenheim and directed by Kristin Wendell.

Following a traumatic attack on City Hall, flashbacks show how Rene became Wild Dog.

Doing a decent job of expanding on the story of Rene, the overall episode is just okay, there was never really any strong point in the episode where I though the episode broke the mold to become anything spectacular.

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