TV Showcase #108: Halt & Catch Fire #7: Giant


Giant, the 7th episode of Halt & Catch Fire, was first broadcasted on July 13, 2014 with a script by Jamie Pachino and directed by Jon Amiel.

Bosworth learns that the PC division is almost out of money. During a QA meeting, the engineers complain that Cameron’s OS has negatively impacted the computer’s performance. Joe introduces renowned industrial designer Simon Church and his designs for the Cardiff PC case; Joe also reveals the PC’s name, the “Contrail”. Gordon voices his disapproval; he claims that the case design is impractical and sarcastically suggests that the computer should be called the “Cardiff Giant”, which causes Simon to leave. Donna accompanies her boss, Hunt Whitmarsh, on a business trip to meet with TI executives; however, during the trip, Donna inappropriately flirts with Hunt, which causes her embarrassment. After a failed attempt to hire a local industrial designer to build the case, Joe goes to a photography exhibit to try to get Simon to reconsider, and he finds Cameron there trying to do the same. Cameron learns from both Joe and Simon that the two had a brief relationship 10 years ago. When Bosworth asks Nathan for a loan to keep the PC project afloat, Nathan refuses, stating that he’s ready to cut his losses. Before he leaves, Simon reveals to Joe that he has AIDS, but agrees to design Cardiff’s case.

Kind of a drag of an episode, not a lot of interesting elements brought in this one in the story department and there was never any really exciting moments in this one to fully recommend it.

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