Talking Simpsons #459: The Cad In The Hat


The Cad In The Hat, the 15th episode of season 28 and the 611th overall, was written by Ron Zimmerman and directed by Steven Dean Moore.

Bart has to deal with his guilt after he betrays Lisa. Meanwhile, Homer begins playing chess, and everyone in Springfield becomes impressed by his talents. The episode features Magnus Carlsen, current world chess champion, Patton Oswalt as Bart’s Guilt, even though he looks so much like Bart’s evil twin brother, Hugo, from Treehouse Of Horror VII, and Seth Green playing the Robot Chicken nerd in yet another really damn good couch gag opening:

Animationwise and conceptwise but…why the hell are Marge & Lisa so against that painting all of a sudden? The actual presentation of the couch gag isn’t as thought out as well as the idea of the intro itself.

And also with a couch gag that took a lot of time, I have to bring up my usual complaint, does that mean that they spent more time on the opening then they did on the actual episode? Well…they at least tried.

Once again, like with the Elon Musk episode, it’s one of those episodes where you need to have a Wikipedia page open so you can have any idea who Magnus Carlsen is because let’s be honest, the whole world does not have a true clear awareness of who Carlsen is, I had to go to Wikipedia to find out who he is, here, have a look.

There, I wouldn’t have to ask you to do that if the episode actually gave us some background on the guy first. Imagine if they had done an episode like this back in the golden years of the series when not a lot of people had the internet and had no idea on who Magnus Carlsen was, you think they would even go with the episode? They probably would’ve but they would’ve at least filled us in on his backstory. But you get my point, have the guest star in the episode but if the average audience doesn’t know who he is, give us an indication of who he is so we can follow along.

As for the rest of the episode, it’s passable, it has a couple of funny moments outside of the intro, Patton Oswalt has a fun guest spot as Bart’s guilt but there’s nothing that really stood out about the episode as a whole and I think that under a better writer, it could’ve been written better to recommend it but as it stands, it’s just a passable outing.

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