Arrow & The Flash #75: Arrow #106: The Sin-Eater / The Flash #59: Attack On Gorilla City


Attack On Gorilla City is the 59th episode of The Flash and the 13th of season three, written by Aaron Helbing & David Kob from a story by Andrew Kriesberg and directed by Dermott Downs.

Earth-2 Wells is captured while running through the woods. Jesse explains that he was leading an expedition to Gorilla City that was ambushed and killed while Wells disappeared. Barry recalls that in the future Central City will be attacked by gorillas. He, Julian, Cisco, and Caitlin go to rescue him but are captured by Grodd. Speaking through Wells, Grodd asks Barry to help him usurp his master Solovar. Barry agrees to fight Solovar in the arena for the lives of the others and wins, but refuses to kill him. Grodd seizes control of Gorilla City and prepares an invasion of Earth-1. The team asks Caitlin to kill Cisco so Grodd can’t open a portal, but she refuses. Barry fakes his death and Grodd removes him from his cage. He resuscitates himself and frees the others, and they return to Earth-1. Jesse and her father reunite and Wally and Jesse recommit to their relationship. Julian asks Caitlin out on a date. Grodd assembles his army with a brainwashed Gypsy at his side.

This is a big two part event that’s going to continue into next week and boy, did it find a great way to start off with a bang or what? When we actually see Gorilla City for the first time, it’s amazing to look at, more so than you would think it would have any right to be considering this is a show on The CW but it looks spectacular and above anything you’d find in most superhero shows.

They also do a good job of building up an epic story for Barry and the crew to go up against and if the second half of this episode can live up to the epic setting that this episode has, we’re in for a big treat going into next week.

The Sin-Eater is the 106th episode of Arrow, written by Barbara Bloom & Jenny Lynn and directed by Mary Lambert.

Oliver meets Prometheus’s mother, who refuses to help him. During a prison transfer, Chien, Carrie, and Warner kill the guards and escape. Oliver appoints Dinah as an SCPD officer. Pike receives evidence that the Green Arrow killed Malone, and he orders a manhunt. Oliver and Quentin track down the trio, who escape due to the intervention of the ACU. Oliver deduces that Prometheus is responsible for sending the evidence. Susan confronts Oliver for being the vigilante, which he denies. Thea discredits her by having Felicity breach into Susan’s files and prove that she has committed plagiarism. Susan gets angry with Oliver, who confronts Thea. He reveals the cover-up of Malone’s death to Pike. The team intercepts the trio stealing money from a stash left by Church, and are ambushed by their mercenaries. The ACU arrives and arrests the trio, allowing Team Arrow to leave. Quentin asks Dinah to assume the identity of the Black Canary. Oliver realizes that word of the cover-up has been leaked to the media, and that it could be enough for his impeachment. In flashbacks, Oliver and Anatoli engage Gregor’s men. Gregor prepares to kill Anatoli.

Talk about a definite contrast to this week’s Flash episode, Arrow’s episode this week just felt a little too cluttered with too much story that doesn’t really feel epic or grand and there’s not a whole lot that’s worth the watch. I never felt invested by watching this one compared to the other episodes of Arrow we’ve gotten recently.

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