Talking Simpsons #460: Kiss Kiss, Bang Bangalore


Kiss Kiss, Bang Bangalore is the 17th episode of season 17 and the 373rd overall, first broadcasted on April 9, 2006 with a script by Deb LaCusta and Dan Castellaneta and directed by Mark Kirkland.

Patty and Selma abduct Richard Dean Anderson (the actor best known for playing MacGyver) during the Springfield Stargate SG-1 convention after Anderson rudely tells the terrible twins that he only did MacGyver to make money. Meanwhile, Mr. Burns outsources his nuclear plant to India and chooses Homer to be the new boss.

Now, first of all, the subplot with Patty & Selma abducting Richard Dean Anderson after so many years of fondling over him, you need to have a gigantic pay off to this after nearly 20 years of building it up and…they definitely do a good job of giving us what we want to see with Anderson basically lambasting the two with the cold hard truth about why he did the show and honestly, that made me laugh hard, it’s the real bright spot of the episode because the main plot, the outsourcing plot, really falls flat, there’s nothing about this plot that hasn’t been done to death before this episode and certainly after it aired and you barely got any laughs in that subplot.

If you’re going to watch this episode for any reason, watch it for the Patty and Selma subplot, that’s where a lot of the funniest moments come into play but as far as the rest of it goes, it really drops the quality of the episode down a lot.

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