The Weekly Address #25: Final Thoughts On The Academy Awards



Yeah, you really did not think that I was not going to talk about this from the Oscars last night.

Okay, for a quick heads up of what I’m talking about, last night at the Oscars, Warren Beatty & Faye Dunaway were presenting the Best Picture award and it was widely expected that La La Land, which had already gotten 6 awards including Best Actress for Emma Stone, was going to win Best Picture with the slightest possibility that Moonlight was going to win Best Picture as a dark horse.

So, Beatty pulls out the envelope and Dunaway reveals that the Best Picture winner was La La Land….turns out it was not, it was actually Moonlight, right down to the producers of La La Land telling the people at Moonlight, “hey, this is not a joke, you guys literally won Best Picture” and then holding the card up that says Best Picture.

So, yeah, what happened?

According to a couple of Deadline articles I read after the awards show, turns out that Price Waterhouse, the company who handles the envelopes has two copies of each of the envelopes for each category and what seem to have happened is that somebody at Price Waterhouse screwed up and gave Warren Beatty the duplicate Best Actress envelope because as it turns out, in a post show interview Emma Stone herself admitted that she was holding on to her envelope when the announcement was made.

So….yeah….that happened. Apparently, nobody told us that M. Night Shymalan directed the Oscars because what a twist that was.

I mean, wow, the ending to the show Sunday was both kind of a beautiful trainwreck but also a welcome return to why live television can be so unpredictable and fun.

It’s a trainwreck because when you have the entire cast and crew of La La Land up there thinking they’ve won Best Picture and giving these great speeches and everybody thinking “well, night’s up.” The second somebody says, “hey, we fucked up, this other movie actually wins Best Picture.” It’s a gutwrenching blow, this is like if the New England Patriots came back from that 25 point deficit in Super Bowl LI and did NOT win in overtime over the Atlanta Falcons because the night was kind of like that, La La Land didn’t get its’ first award until late into the show and just when you think, they’re going in for the kill, all of a sudden, turns out this other movie that was considered a dark horse has won.

At the same time, give the guys at La La Land a lot of credit for being the first ones to say “hey, Moonlight, you guys actually won Best Picture” and not being all around jerks about it, Emma Stone herself even was happy Moonlight won, nobody was being a jerk about it, they were just put into an unfortunate and unusual situation.

What’s kind of interesting is that in rewatching the clip again, you can see on the envelope that it says Actress In A Leading Role on the envelope and not Best Picture. Seriously, go back to the clip where Warren and Faye are reading the envelope and look closely at the front of the envelope, it does not say Best Picture on it.

With that said, Sunday proved why live television is such a glorious thing because you can never predict what is going to happen on live television no matter how hard you try and that moment proves why the most unexpected and unplanned moments on TV are the far more enjoyable moments than the stuff that is planned.

Would it have been nice for La La Land to win Best Picture Sunday? Honestly, yes, I did say in my review that I really loved the movie, I thought the music was really good, Ryan Gosling and Emma Stone were terrific, Damien Chazelle continues to show off his great directing chops, the cinematography was excellent, it’s a great old fashioned musical in modern times.

With that said, I’m actually kind of glad Moonlight won Best Picture in the end because it proved that “Hey, the academy can award films that not a lot of people haven’t seen the big award.” Very rarely does that ever happen, Moonlight has now become one of the lowest grossing Best Picture winners of all time behind The Hurt Locker. Moonlight grossed just $22 million at the box office while The Hurt Locker only made $17 million. Up until 1978, those two films are lower than the $42 million Birdman made.

As of this posting, I’ve yet to see Moonlight though I will be checking it out soon as it will be coming out on Blu-Ray this week and I’m actually very excited to check it out because I heard so many great things about it. So, I’m keeping my expectations very high.

It was a bizarre but exciting ending to a night that actually played out pretty well…but first, how did I fare on my predictions….

Actually not that bad, combining both my Will Win and Should Win predictions, I got out of the 19 out of the 24 nominations correct.

I missed Foreign Language Film, I picked Toni Erdmann over the winner, The Salesman. I missed Documentary – Short Subject picking Joe’s Violin over The White Helmets. I picked Rogue One or Arrival over Hacksaw Ridge in Best Sound Mixing, I missed Best Makeup because friggin’ Suicide Squad beat out Star Trek Beyond….that still stings, DC has one Oscar over Marvel, how does that work? Costume Design surprised me, I thought La La Land would’ve swept that one but Fantastic Beasts ended up winning making this the first Harry Potter movie to win an Oscar…wished it was for a better movie than Fantastic Beasts. The biggest shocker was Film Editing, La La Land I thought was going to seal that one up but Hacksaw Ridge ended up winning that one.

Overall, I actually did a lot better this year than I have done in past years in terms of my predictions.

As far as the show itself goes, I gotta say Jimmy Kimmel was born to be an Oscar host because he has such a good repertoire with celebrities having done Jimmy Kimmel Live for 14 years and sure enough, he brought a lot of that comedic energy to him on the biggest stage of his career, I really was impressed with how he did. Was he perfect? No, he had a couple of flawed bits that didn’t play out so well but the fact that he was able to do more with staged comedy bits than Ellen DeGeneres, Neil Patrick Harris, and Chris Rock combined, that’s an upgrade on its’ own. I actually do want to see Kimmel host more Oscars like this in the future.

The best way to describe Sunday’s Oscars can be summed up in one word, surprising. In both the surprisingly great ways and the surprisingly what the fuck just happened kind of way, the Academy Awards this year knew exactly how to keep up invested in what’s happening even when it wasn’t intentional. It was one of those nights that nobody saw coming, and I mean nobody, nobody would’ve thought the Oscars would be as exhilarating and turn out one of the biggest Oscar WTF moments of all time at the very end, it was such a good night of television, one that we’ll very rarely see in the future.

Oh, and by the way, at least now we can let Steve Harvey off the hook:

Now with that said, here’s a list of the posts coming up this week…and no, there are no screw-ups and I was not handed the wrong list:


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That wraps up this week’s Weekly Address and check back next week for another recap of the past week’s big movie and TV news stories.

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