My Take On #223: How Stupid Does Hollywood Think We Are?


Well, 2017 is only two months in and…we’ve already had our fair share of stupidity in the world of Hollywood. We’ve already gotten really bad looking stuff like Monster Trucks, The Bye Bye Man, A Cure For Wellness, that stupid Wizard Of Oz show on NBC, that friggin’ shark lady on The Bachelor….I mean, my god, how stupid does Hollywood think we are? Really?

I mean, why is it that the movie studios and TV networks think that we will buy anything they will throw at us? There has to be that certain breaking point where you have to stop and go…I can’t handle this anymore.

It just seems like over the last few years, they’ve been literally pushing the worst kind of shit on us and trying to make us think that this is what we want in our entertainment. Who was asking to see Kevin Spacey as a talking cat in Nine Lives? Who wanted to see a 4 year old’s crayon written script in Monster Trucks made into a movie that lost Paramount hundreds of millions of dollars before the thing was even released? Who was asking for a Emoji movie with Patrick Stewart as a talking piece of poop? Who was asking for a game show on GSN where contestants lose money because they can’t fucking get along? Who was asking for a crazy shark lady on The Bachelor that if you met in real life would be automatically put into a mental institution and if it was a man wearing that costume and doing the exact same thing, he would’ve been sent to jail but no, because it’s a reality TV show and we elected a friggin’ reality TV star as president, this is what ABC considers to be real life and NO, I DON’T CARE WHAT ABC THINKS, THE WOMAN WHO LOVES DOLPHINS AND IS DRESSED A SHARK IS SO FRIGGIN’ STUPID!!!! 

Okay, what is the point of this post, you may ask? Well, mostly to get my frustration about that stupid shark lady…seriously, ABC, you should be goddamn ashamed of yourself for torturing your audience with that shit…but my point is, we’re not stupid, just because you can throw out whatever stupid crap to your audience and think that we’ll watch it by taking away our other shows and movies, that doesn’t mean we have other things we could be doing.

The unfortunate thing is that this is something that will never go away, there will still be studios and networks that will continue to throw shit in our faces and expect us to watch it and…more than likely, that’s what we’ll be doing.

And with rumors of another WGA writer’s strike possibly going to happen, get ready for a long period of nothing but terrible, terrible, TERRIBLE reality shows and movies that will feel like they were edited by a monkey on steroids, *cough* Transformers: Revenge Of The Fallen *cough*.

And that concludes my bitter rant about how dumb Hollywood thinks we are when they put out crap…I’m in the middle of a cold and….yeah, this is probably one of my shorter My Take Ons but, I felt like I deserved to give you guys something after not getting you My Take On posts for the last two weeks so…I’ll freely admit, this is not my best work. Hopefully, I’ll be better next week to give a better representation of my work…at least on here.

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