Talking Simpsons #465: Kamp Krustier


Kamp Krustier is written by David M. Stern, his first episode he’s written for the show in 18 years, and directed by Rob Oliver and is….kind of a follow up to the episode, Kamp Krusty….sort of.

Bart and Lisa return from Kamp Krusty traumatized. Homer becomes a more productive worker.

This episode starts off with so much potential, Bart & Lisa returning from Kamp Krusty traumatized because of something that happened, that’s kind of interesting, you can hopefully have something funny or interesting that happens and…the episode never delivers on it, it goes down that predictable route you think it’s going to go and if that wasn’t bad enough, we get another episode where Marge & Homer have marital troubles. Well, gee, I wonder where this scenario is going to go?

Okay, to be fair, that subplot could’ve been a whole lot worse than what it actually became, I think the real frustrating thing about that subplot is that it calls for an extremely pointless cameo by Michael Sheen and Lizzy Caplan reprising their characters from Masters Of Sex…no, really, this is one of the most pointless cameos ever. It’s just the two of them there to just be there because Masters Of Sex was a thing, it’s just like that stupid Anton Chigui cameo in the Waverly Hills episode, he was just there because No Country For Old Men was a success back when that episode was being made. Here, it’s the exact same thing, they only show up for one scene and that’s it, they serve no purpose to the story at hand.

That’s the biggest surprise of this episode is that the Homer and Marge having marital troubles subplot was not as clichéd and predictable as I thought it could’ve been because that’s a story that has been done to death countless times and thankfully, this episode does not go into predictable territory with that subplot at least…the main plot with Bart & Lisa, on the other hand, does and the mystery is not interesting at all there.

So, overall, this one is just kind of meh, it does manage to try to do something different in one subplot but the main one really suffers from being too predictable.

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