TV Showcase #112: Halt & Catch Fire #8: The 214s

The 214s, the 8th episode of Halt & Catch Fire, was first broadcasted on July 20, 2014 with a script by Davhi Waller & Zack Whedon and directed by Daisy von Scherler Mayer.

As Cardiff Electric makes preparations for COMDEX, the FBI shuts the company down and arrests Bosworth for embezzlement. Gordon hastily disassembles the Giant prototype to prevent it from being seized as evidence; he later breaks into the office at night to recover the Giant’s component parts. At Texas Instruments, Donna learns that Hunt had suddenly resigned. At Gordon’s garage, tensions among him, Joe and Cameron flare up; after Gordon accuses Joe of framing Bosworth, Cameron reveals that she was the one, at Bosworth’s behest, who hacked the bank’s mainframe. When Gordon tells Donna that Cardiff Electric was shut down, she contemplates leaving him. While attempting to get orders for the Giant ahead of COMDEX, Joe learns of a rumor that IBM is building their own portable PC, and he flies to New York City to confront his father, who is a high ranking executive within IBM. When Joe returns to Dallas, he finds Cameron and Gordon in his apartment, and he tells them that he intends to return to IBM. Gordon persuades Joe into seeing the Giant project through; however, Joe reveals that he doesn’t have the money to go to COMDEX. After Cameron convinces Joe to sell his Porsche to fund their trip, the three and Donna drive to Las Vegas in the Clark family station wagon.

An overall decent episode with a good story and good performances but never anything that truly outshines and makes this a must watch episode.

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