Talking Simpsons #469: Jazzy & The Pussycats

Jazzy & The Pussycats, the second episode of season 18 and the 380th episode overall, was first broadcasted on September 17, 2006 with a script by Daniel Chun and directed by Steven Dean Moore.

Jazzy and the Pussycats.png

Bart gets a drum kit to work out his aggressions after being a nuisance at the funeral of Homer’s Vegas wife and becomes top pick for a local jazz band — a position that the saxophone-playing Lisa has been going after for years.

First off, this episode finally admits the Vegas wives was a terrible idea as it begins with Homer’s wife getting axed off…this episode is awesome, that’s all, good night.

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No, I’m just kidding, I have more to talk about with this one but you have no idea how happy I was that the whole Vegas wives concept died off in this episode big time.

But other than that, the rest of the episode is really good even if it’s a little all over the place in its’ story, the White Stripes cameo is really funny, the main story with Bart is very good, and there’s a lot of really solid animation and bits of humor to carry the episode through. So far, the 18th season has been off to a pretty decent start and this episode continues that trend.

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