Talking Simpsons #472: G.I. (Annoyed Grunt)

G.I. (Annoyed Grunt), the 5th episode of season 18 and the 383rd episode overall, was first broadcasted on November 12, 2006 with a script by Daniel Chun and directed by Nancy Kruse.

File:GI Doh.png

Homer finds himself in an army training camp after trying to get his children out of an agreement to join by age 18. Kiefer Sutherland makes the first of two guest appearances this season playing the colonel.

Say, you remember when Family Guy made that joke about how there was a storyline that they beat the Simpsons to in 2012:

Yeah, six year prior to that episode airing, Family Guy did a story almost exactly like this. In fact, that episode, Saving Private Brian, aired one week before this episode did:

Chris decides he wants to join the United States Army after a presentation by the organization at his school. After telling the family over dinner in the evening, Brian stops at the army recruitment office the following day, when taking Stewie out of the house, but Stewie decides to sign the pair of them up for the army when Brian leaves to top-off the parking meter. Brian becomes stressed with the army training, and later decides he is going to leave, but is persuaded otherwise by Stewie. In an attempt to distract Chris from joining the army, Peter gets Chris a role in a gothic school band, which turns Chris into a rude child. Brian then successfully completes the training with Stewie, and the pair are sent to serve in Iraq, where, upon discovering they do not want to be there, attempt to get themselves dismissed. After this fails, a message comes through telling them that the war is over, and that they are free to go home.

There are definitely different outcomes but it’s the same basic story, the Army tricks the kids into joining up in them, a mishap happens where one of the other characters comes in and they end up getting drafted into the army.

And guess what, that episode was a lot funnier than this was. I mean, my god, what a drag this episode is. Kiefer Sutherland is not very good in this one, the jokes don’t really fly and once again, the best thing that happened in this episode was the debut of the newest Simpsons Movie trailer that debuted on the same night:

And that was just a scene from the movie and that was much funnier than the episode that aired that night.

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