Talking Simpsons #474: Ice Cream Of Margie (With The Light Blue Hair)

Ice Cream Of Margie (With The Light Blue Hair) is the 7th episode of season 18 and the 385th overall, first broadcasted on November 26, 2006 with a script by Carolyn Omine and directed by Matthew Nastuk.

After Homer gets fired once again from the Springfield Nuclear Power Plant, he takes over Springfield’s ice cream truck business after his favorite driver dies. Meanwhile, Marge, depressed over seeing women more successful than her and looking for a way to be remembered, creates sculptures from the discarded Popsicle sticks in Homer’s ice cream truck.

The first half of the episode is pretty decent to watch, there’s a great parody of Da Ali G Show, and there are decent moments but my god, the second half completely ruins this one. Because what the second half does is take the story that was working fine enough in the first half and then quickly turns it into something else altogether. The second Marge tells Homer “you don’t care about me, all you care about is yourself”, the episode falls apart because you’re adding this subplot that does not need to be there and it’s not worth it, we know how it’s going to end, Marge leaves Homer out in the cold, Homer tries to make amends, and then Marge does something to say that she forgives him for her pointless argument, and they reconcile. Cue end credits.

That’s how this episode plays out, it ruins a decent episode by trying to add this cliché subplot that has been done to death before and after this episode has aired and it fails miserably, it’s the worst aspect about this episode, it’s a mess, it’s a mess that starts off okay but then just goes off like a car going off a cliff in the end.

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