The Music Room #28: Nevada’s The Mack Featuring Mark Morrison & Fetty Wap

Return Of The Frickin’ Mack…..holy mother of god, this is such a classic song.

One of the best R&B songs ever, Return Of The Mack hooks you in right off the bat with that catchy medley at the start of the song and just continues to get you as the song goes on. It’s one of the best R&B songs ever made. It’s one of my all-time favorite songs and when it comes on, I can’t help but turn it up and start singing, it’s so damn good.

So, much to my surprise, a couple of months ago while listening to the radio, I heard a song on the radio that was essentially a cover version of Return Of The Mack that had come out last year and I had not heard of it until the start of this year. It’s The Mack by Nevada featuring Mark Morrison & Fetty Wap:

The Mack - Nevada Single.png

Stockholm-based DJ Nevada released a cover version of the song titled “The Mack“, twenty years after the release of the original version. Nevada’s cover features the vocal collaboration of Mark Morrison and American rapper Fetty Wap. The song was written by Morrison, William Maxwell, Pyramids in Paris, and Jonathan White. It was released to digital download through Straightforward Music, Nourishing Music, and Capitol Records on September 23, 2016.

Overall, The Mack is essentially Return Of The Mack except the beat moves a little faster and Fetty Wap adds a couple of his own lyrics. So, that must mean that the song itself must not be worth it, right? They basically just made the original song about half the length, added lyrics from a hot rapper out there and that’s it, how could this be any good? Why even bother to do this to such a badass song?

Well, to be perfectly honest, the cover is actually a pretty good cover. I think it actually helps moves the song along better for those people who can’t handle long songs, this is about half the length of Return Of The Mack so, if you want a faster version of this song, I guess that’s a positive for you.

The reason I like the cover a lot is because I like how the faster beat, it’s still that great catchy beat from Return Of The Mack except faster but still sounds awesome to listen to.

Heck, I’m not even the biggest Fetty Wap fan but even I thought his additional lyrics worked helped the song move through better.

Maybe my lone complaint to the song is that it cuts out at the end quickly. You get ‘Return Of The Mack, Return Of The Mack, Return Of The Mack, you know that I’ll be back’ and then the song just ends, it just stops, they just cut it off after that like really, the song should’ve just ended with this:

I mean, why bother to just cut it off there? That has to be the quickest cutoff to a song I’ve heard in a while.

Other than that, The Mack is a competently made cover to a classic song that is Return Of The Mack, it’s by no means better than Return Of The Mack but it’s a nicely done cover that has a beat that’s faster and just as good as the original and a lot of what made the original song such a classic.

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