The TV Weekly #215: The 6th Annual ‘Top 10 Shows You Need To Be Watching’

It’s that time of the year again, we’re about six weeks away from finding out what the broadcast networks’ fall 2017 plans are, although with the rumblings of yet another writers’ strike in the future that could lead to a repeat of what we saw back in 2007, but until then, it’s time once again to talk about 10 shows that are on the bubble that are in desperate need of being saved.

We’ve done this now for the last couple of years now and in the past, the list has included shows that did get saved after they were included. So, which 10 join the ranks this year? Which shows are in desperate need of getting more attention out there to be saved? Let’s go ahead and find out:

10. New Girl, Brooklyn Nine Nine, & The Last Man On Earth

I put a three way tie between Fox’s returning comedies mostly because their futures are not as secure as I think most people do, Last Man On Earth is probably the safest bet of the bunch since shows in their third seasons usually stick around for a fourth season to meet syndication rules, Brooklyn Nine-Nine might still get another season although it’s at four seasons right now and is scheduled to hit syndication in the fall, New Girl is the one that’s the biggest question mark since it’s at season six, more than episodes are available for syndication, and the finale is being written as a potential series finale so, who knows. I still think Fox should keep these shows around but they’ve got a ton of comedy pilots in the works so maybe that’s a telling sign of things to come.

9. Son Of Zorn

A perfect fit into the Fox Sunday comedy lineup and hopefully will continue on, even though high concept shows like this will have very limited runs of at least 13 episodes a season unless you get started on the next season’s production very early on to allow more episodes, which could happen.

8. Quantico

One year ago, this show would’ve been easily placed off the list but this year, the show’s ratings have gone downhill, they keep moving the series, and there’s this overwhelming sense of fear that this won’t stick around to next season, which I hope it does because the show continues to be pretty solid.

7. Trial & Error

The benefit Trial & Error has is that it’s been aired after The Voice but I still have this feeling that this show is gonna get pushed off to the side because NBC has been on this lackluster comedy trend in the last few years. This, however, is one of the few bright spots they have on right now, this show is really funny, John Lithgow is great on this satirical parody of true crime shows like Making A Murderer, the jokes are really funny, the cast is great, this is a really solid comedy show, it airs on Tuesday nights and is definitely worth the watch.

6. Speechless

Now this is a risky idea for a TV show, especially a comedy. You’re tackling a sensitive subject involving a kid with cerebral palsy, a serious disease, there’s potential for this to be an absolute disaster if the writing isn’t good. But the most clever thing this show does is that it doesn’t let the kid be the main focus of the show but the family itself. The first episode is centered on how the mother, Minnie Driver, is trying to make things good for her family while also making sure her son with cerebral palsy everything he requires, creating conflict with her other two kids, mainly her other son. And the way the show is written, it doesn’t go into those cheap clichés most of these shows do, there’s a lot of heart in the writing and there’s a lot of charm to the show itself, it’s a perfect addition to the ABC comedy lineup.

5. Black-ish

Coming into its’ own nicely in the third season, Black-ish has quickly become ABC’s best comedy series with a strong cast led by Anthony Anderson, Tracee Ellis Ross, and Laurence Fishburne, a lot of very smart comedy, great use of topical material, this is a comedy series that I’m glad to see is getting as much attention as it should because it’s great.

The only reason I’m putting this on the list is because it hasn’t been renewed as of this post, which it still could easily do. In fact most of ABC’s comedies have yet to be renewed except for The Middle. The biggest shock is that Modern Family has yet to be renewed yet so that seems odd that The Middle is the only one that has gotten a renewal for next season so far. So, while there’s plenty of time for Black-ish as well as many of the ABC comedies to get renewed, I’m putting this on here to make sure it gets more attention.

4. The Carmichael Show

Throwing this one back on the list because NBC pushed the latest season off to summer because apparently, NBC wants to turn generic workplace comedy Superstore into their next big hit. I mean, come on, NBC, you’re in desperate need of good comedies, you’ve got The Good Place and Trial & Error now but by throwing a great show like The Carmichael Show off to summer, that clearly shows you don’t care. I’m beggin somebody at NBC to give this show more respect than it has now.

The most underrated comedy on television today, like Black-ish, it’s very funny with a lot of smart comedy, led by a great cast including Jerrod Carmichael, Amber Stevens West, David Alan Grier, & Loretta Devine, and a great use of tackling topical material ranging from Bill Cosby to Donald Trump.

3. Milo Murphy’s Law

Did a whole post talking about this one and yes, I think this is one of the funniest new comedies to come on TV this year with great animation, great comedy, a very strong voice cast, definitely seek this one out if you can find it. New episodes are playing on Disney XD right now and it’s well worth the watch.

2. The Exorcist

Not only is the show good but it’s really good, there are legitimately scary sequences that take place in this series, the writing is really good, the cast does a great job working with the material given to them. This is a great show that I know a lot of people are skipping out because it’s on Friday nights and I hope Fox lets this show stick around because they’ve got something great here if they let it stick around.

and the #1 show you need to be watching is…


One of the best new shows of the year, maybe even the best, because you’ve got a great starmaking performance from Kylie Binbury who is amazing on this show and also, you have a great plot and this show has the potential to be a great female empowerment series. Considering the acclaim it’s got, there’s a potential for this to be a Friday Night Lights style cult hit where it doesn’t get great ratings but has enough of a buzz and fanbase to keep it going for a couple of years. Hopefully, Fox lets this one sticks around because it does need to stay put.

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