Talking Simpsons #477: Caper Chase

Caper Chase, the 19th episode of season 28 and the 615th overall, was written by Jeff Westbrook and directed by Lance Kramer.

Mr. Burns opens a for-profit university with Homer as one of its professors. Guest stars for this one include Jason Alexander as Verlander, Ken Jennings as himself, Stan Lee as himself, Robert McKee as himself, Suze Orman as herself and Neil deGrasse Tyson as himself. Stan Lee also guests in the show’s opening couch gag.

The whole episode is inspired by Trump University as Al Jean told The Wall Street Journal that “I think it holds up if you’ve heard of Trump University or not, the for-profit colleges aren’t going away. We try to do things that are funny to people watching them then, but I always try to think of things that will be funny five years from now.”

And sure enough, the majority of this episode is very funny and they do have a lot of fun jabbing at the for-profit universities and there’s even a great guest spot by Jason Alexander. The third act of the show where it all of a sudden becomes sort of an Ex Machina parody just feels so out of place and not as funny. In fact, the third act kind of ends on a mediocre note with this radical story change that just comes out of the blue in the beginning and by the end it’s like, this is what we were building up to?

Caper Chase starts off strong in its’ first two acts and then it peters out in the final act but it’s still an overall enjoyable episode to watch.

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