The Weekly Address #30: The Tony Romo Situation

With the NFL offseason very much underway, one of the biggest stories of the offseason has been the future of Dallas Cowboys quarterback Tony Romo, would he return to the team he’s been attached to since he was undrafted in 2003? Would he venture off to another football team? Would he retire?

A lot of these questions should’ve been answered when free agency began back in March. Remember, the day before free agency when the Cowboys said that they were going to let Romo go into free agency and that meant that Romo should easily be venturing off to another football team, specifically two teams, the Denver Broncos or the Houston Texans, right?

Well, then two hours before free agency officially began, Jerry Jones, the owner of the Cowboys then changed their mind and decided instead to keep Tony Romo to possibly get a trade from other teams and thus, creating this huge clusterfuck and now, we have no idea what is happening with Romo next season?

Romo himself, however, has since put out a video with the idea that he’s done with the Dallas Cowboys but we’re kind of heading into Brett Favre territory here? Remember when Favre always said he was retiring and then he kept coming back every year? It’s getting to that point.

Okay, so why are the Cowboys holding on to Romo even though he’s said he’s pretty much done with the organization?

Especially after Dak Prescott has a spectacular rookie season for the Cowboys filling in as quarterback when Romo got injured in the preseason game against the Seattle Seahawks. With Prescott and running back Ezekiel Elliott becoming the NFL’s hot rookie duo this past year, why mess with success?

My thinking is that maybe Jerry Jones still doesn’t believe that Dak is the real deal for the Cowboys going forward, like maybe he thinks that spectacular rookie season he had was a fluke and next year, he’s gonna be terrible. That’d be a fine argument but then again, that’s the risk of owning a team, you have to know that not every year is going to be a great year and for somebody who has owned the team for nearly 30 years now, I would think Jerry Jones would know that.

Also, I think Jerry Jones has such a friendship with Romo that maybe he’s finding it too hard to let him go and venture off to another team. I mean, those are just my guesses.

So, where do I see Tony Romo being in the future? Let’s take a look at the possible options that are available to him:

1. Going to the Denver Broncos

To me, this is the best possible outcome for Tony Romo’s future playing football and I say this because the Denver Broncos has been a great organization to relaunching careers of aging football players. Going all the way back to John Elway, there was that gap in between Super Bowl XXIV and Super Bowl XXXII where the team was as good as they were in Elway’s early years and then the Broncos came back big in the late 90s and Elway led his team to win two back-to-back Super Bowls at the end of the decade.

The most recent example, Peyton Manning, most people thought that after Manning had that neck surgery that cost him the 2011 season with the Colts, he was finished. But then, in 2012, he joins the Broncos and look what happens, 2 Super Bowl appearances, winning his last Super Bowl in 2016, records including passing yards (71,940), touchdown passes (539), AP MVP awards (5), Pro Bowl appearances (14), and 4,000-yard passing seasons (14). The Broncos helped Manning end his career on the best possible note it could’ve.

I have no doubt that they could do the same thing with Tony Romo but in the last couple of weeks, that door has been closing and closing so chances are, it might not happen.

2. Going to the Houston Texans

From the looks of it, going to the Texans sounds just as good as going to Denver, the Texans have just as strong of a defense as the Broncos do and the offensive line has potential but needs a good quarterback to get it going. Some might say that Tony Romo could easily fill that void.

But the dilemma here is that the Texans is an organization that seems more focused on its’ defense than its’ offense. Plus, the Texans always seem like they pull the plug on stuff too early. The biggest example of this recently was them trading Brock Osweiler to the Cleveland Browns. The Texans signed him to a four year deal worth $72 million after that good stretch he had as the backup Broncos QB and to be perfectly fair to Osweiler, he actually started off very good for the Texans, winning 6 of his first 9 games as the starting QB but then towards the end, he got benched during a game against the Jaguars and Tom Savage took over…only for him to return two weeks later when Savage got a concussion and Osweiler returned for the finale against the Titans.

I never thought Osweiler was that bad of a QB, he wasn’t even the worst QB that was the starter last year, go look at Jared Goff and Ryan Fitzpatrick, they played FAR worse than Osweiler did. The fact that the Texans didn’t even give him a chance the next season, it just shows that the organization probably did not give him the best chance to succeed that he could.

Personally, I think it was a mistake because I know that they probably traded Osweiler to the Browns to get cap space to get Tony Romo instantly and of course, that didn’t happen and even though there’s still talks about getting Romo, I really don’t think it’s that good of a move.

Because this is still a risky move to take a quarterback who hasn’t started a regular season game since September 2015 and who has also been consistently injured on a more than irregular basis. I personally don’t think this is a great decision because I don’t think the Texans are a well-run football team.

3. Sticking with the Dallas Cowboys

This is the worst outcome for this to all end with solely because Tony Romo has been nothing but a trooper during this whole thing, he supported Dak Prescott while he was injured, he’s said that Dak deserved to be the starting quarterback, and he said his goodbyes properly, he’s been nothing but cool and collective during this whole process.

And then after all that, the worst outcome would be to him to come back to the Cowboys and essentially tarnish all that goodwill and his reputation.

It would be a disastrous decision on the Cowboys to bring him back after setting everything up for him to move on from the organization.

4. Retirement

At this point, Romo’s had a good run, he’s been in the game for 14 years, he isn’t as durable as he used to be in his early years, and he’s consistently getting injured and being out for a numerous number of games. Maybe it’s time for him to finally throw in the towel and leave on a good note.

That can also lead to the last option that’s been rumored with him:

5. Television

Over the last few weeks, Tony Romo has been rumored to be courted by networks such as Fox, NFL Network, and CBS to join their lineups to become a commentator for the NFL, which seems like the obvious option after playing the game.

The recent rumors have been suggesting that CBS is trying to lure Tony Romo to essentially be Phil Simms’ replacement and pair up with Jim Nantz for the network’s main NFL commentators.

When I first heard that, my first thinking was that they were moving a little too fast because the way they made this sound, it was like they wanted Romo to replace Simms now.

But at the same time, there are several things you have to take under consideration. First, has Phil Simms ever given that indication that he’s ready to retire or move on? I mean, early indications are that Al Michaels is more than likely a year or two away from retiring, maybe even after the Super Bowl coming up next year but Simms still seems like he’s comfortable in that position that he’s in.

Second, how good of an analyst can Tony Romo be? Being an analyst not just for football but any sport is a tough thing to do, you have to try to not sound like you’re repeating yourself every week and you have to make sure you can simplify the game for the audience but also use your experience in the sport to show everybody what you are talking about.

I mean, one of the best analysts out there is Troy Aikman and when you hear Troy talk about the plays on the field, you can tell that he’s speaking from experience of being on the field for 12 years. Another thing is great chemistry with the play-by-play caller, Aikman and Joe Buck work great together as does Nantz & Simms and Michaels & Cris Collinsworth.

If Romo’s future is going to involve a TV career, it’s going to take time for him to fully own his craft. If they are expecting him to jump into it right away without a whole lot of time to show his abilities as a TV commentator, it could backfire badly on him.

No matter what happens, it’s Tony Romo’s decision on what he wants to do with his future and he seems to be really considering his options and taking his time deciding of where he wants to go from this point on. Regardless of what he does, I just hope he doesn’t get forced back to the Cowboys ruining any goodwill he got for the past few months.

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