RNN: Tony Romo To Retire & Move Over To CBS Sports Replacing Phil Simms

Source: NFL

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Tony Romo is leaping out of the frying pan and into the fire.

The newly retired quarterback is leaving the Dallas Cowboys to join CBS.

NFL Network Insider Ian Rapoport reported that Romo will pair with longtime friend Jim Nantz as the station’s No. 1 NFL duo, per a source informed of the situation. Romo will replace Phil Simms as CBS’s top analyst.

The Sports Business Journal first reported the development.

Romo has been linked to CBS for the past few weeks as retirement seemed more and more likely.

Jumping right into the TV booth could come with a rocky transition. In-game analysis is an especially difficult conversion right out of the box with little to no practice. It’s certainly more difficult than first becoming a ponderous studio analyst.

FOX analyst and voice of “Madden NFL 17” Charles Davis grew into the gig, starting at low-level jobs. He recently told Around The NFL colleague Marc Sessler those reps away from the bright lights were invaluable.

“Now, the one thing you have to be careful of is, you’re starting at a super-high level,” Davis said of big-name players starting out in high-profile gigs. “So your mistakes are really glaring. When you start like me when you’re a nobody, and you beat the bushes and you call high school games and Pop Warner games and Little League baseball and women’s volleyball and the whole thing. You’re doing that on a regional basis and you’re making mistakes and it’s not really the same glare. I don’t have [Sports Illustrated media reporter] Richard Deitsch climbing all over me when I’m calling a Division II women’s basketball game, but it gives me a chance to get my reps without that. If you’re at the highest level, you get dinged right from the start.”

Romo won’t just be starting a new, high-pressure gig that has crushed the likes of Boomer Esiason in the past and led to endless criticism of Simms. Romo could also take on the challenge of becoming a golf broadcaster down the line.

We could even see Romo, a scratch golfer, at this weekend’s Masters in Augusta, Rapoport noted. The timing of the Masters could explain why the retirement news dropped Tuesday.

It might not be smooth sailing out of the gate in 2017, but Romo has the popularity, intelligence, and charisma to be a TV star among NFL analysts.

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