Batman: The Animated Series 25th Anniversary #5: Pretty Poison

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Pretty Poison was broadcasted first on September 14, 1992 with a script by Tom Ruegger from a story by Paul Dini & Michael Reeves and directed by Boyd Kirkland.

When District Attorney Harvey Dent collapses after a meal with his fiancée Pamela Isley and friend Bruce Wayne, doctors discover that he has been poisoned. Batman must find the culprit and the antidote before the DA’s time runs out.

One of the interesting aspects about this series is how their interpretations of such characters are vastly different compared to other adaptations. Like for example, I love how the show has been establishing this backstory for Harvey Dent before he becomes Two Face, knowing that he’s been friends with Bruce Wayne for years, that’s a great building block for this storyline that we all know where it’s eventually going to lead to.

I also liked how Poison Ivy is introduced in the series, she’s not like in Batman & Robin where she’s just a timid bookworm clichéd scientist working for a psychotic nutjob doctor, in this, she’s essentially presented as a normal person, a brilliant scientist but she has some pretty intense views of the world. The way they drew her in this is really good too, I know that she’s a cartoon character but they drew her so realistically, you’d swear they probably rotoscoped someone to make Ivy look like that and that’s like throughout the episode and honestly, it’s the best representation of Ivy, animationwise, throughout the majority of the show.

The episode sucks you in with a pretty well done intro sequence that not only introduces Ivy as Dent’s girlfriend but also does a nice job mixing in some fun action with Batman and leading to some pretty well done animation. I liked the way they captured somebody looking away from public affections of love like they do with Bruce, it just looks so realistic and once again, top notch job to the animators for doing that.

What also makes the episode work is that there are really impressive action sequences centering around Ivy and her plants, I mean, just look at the Venus Fly Trap in this animation:

From an animation and story perspective, Pretty Poison works all around, they do a good job giving a nice introduction to the character of Poison Ivy while also doing a good job of developing the friendship between Bruce Wayne & Harvey Dent, add in some excellent action sequences and you have another really solid episode from early on in the run.

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