Batman: The Animated Series 25th Anniversary #9: Be A Clown

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Be A Clown is the 9th produced episode, first broadcasted on September 16, 1992 with a script by Ted Pedersen and Steve Hayes and directed by Frank Paur.

Mayor Hamilton Hill’s miserable son, Jordan, becomes even sadder when his father uses his birthday party as a political gathering, and ends up stowing away in the truck of the party clown hired by Hill for the party, whom he doesn’t know is actually the Joker in disguise. It is now up to Batman, whom Mayor Hill distrusts, to rescue the boy before it is too late.

Insert It/Pennywise/creepy clowns references here.

I mean…just…wow…all that’s missing are references to Maine, red balloons, Mark Hamill doing a Prince Albert joke and telling the kid that they all float, and spiders and this would be the Batman: TAS equivalent of It.

Okay, let’s actually talk about the episode itself. The idea that a kid would actually befriend somebody like the Joker of all people does lead to a lot of interesting setpieces and an eventually impressive climax, part of which was later reused for the Adventures Of Batman & Robin SNES game:

The script goes about right where you think it would go, a little too predictable but not enough where you’ll hate it, it’s still a decently written script but the animation and the voice work once again goes above and beyond. Also, it’s Batman vs. the Joker, those episodes hit more bullseyes than misses.

The overall episode is just okay, I will say that of the Batman vs. the Joker episodes, this is one of the weaker ones but it’s still entertaining, the animation and the voice work is still really good, the action is still nicely done, the story is an interesting concept, it’s an overall enjoyable episode, not one you should watch repeatedly but every once in a while, it’s worth a watch.

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