Talking Simpsons #479: Revenge Is A Dish Best Served Three Times

Revenge Is A Dish Best Served Three Times is the 12th episode of season 18 and the 389th overall, first broadcasted on January 28, 2007 with a script by Joel H. Cohen and directed by Michael Polcino.

Homer’s misguided revenge on the Rich Texan combined with an untimely car breakdown leaves Marge, Lisa, and Bart to tell three tales about revenge gone wrong.

The Count of Monte Fatso“: In 19th century France, Moe (Fernand) breaks up the marriage of Homer (Edmond DantĂ©s) and Marge (Mercedes); for this, Homer swears revenge, now in a French prison.

Revenge of the Geeks“: Milhouse uses The Getbackinator, an ultra technologic weapon made by Martin, for fight back against the school bullies and the consequences when he goes too far.

Bartman Begins“: After Homer (Thomas) and Marge (Martha Wayne) are killed by Snake Jailbird (Joe Chill) in a dark alley, Bart (Bruce Wayne) swears revenge with a superhero alter ego, Bartman.

All three stories have their funny moments to them but the overall episode itself is a little lackluster. The three stories they have to work with are interesting ideas in general but never really live out to their full potential, the only one that comes close is the Batman Begins parody but other than that, the episode is kind of a drag, I wish it could’ve been better.

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