Talking Simpsons #480: Little Big Girl

Little Big Girl, the 12th episode of season 18, was first broadcasted on February 11, 2007 with a script by Don Payne and directed by Raymond S. Persi.

Little Big Girl.png

When Cletus ineptly tosses his pipe, Springfield is in danger when the town is about to be hit by a ferocious fire. Bart unwittingly saves the day and is rewarded with a driver’s license. However, when he drives to North Haverbrook, he is then engaged with a girl named Darcy (voiced by guest star Natalie Portman) who ropes Bart into marriage after declaring that she’s pregnant. Meanwhile, Lisa lies about her family heritage in an essay and gets chosen to give a keynote speech at a convention.

This is another one of those episodes where one plot is the better of the other, watching Bart go through this bizarre but funny story arc where he gets a driver’s license for saving the day and also finds himself getting engaged to be married with this teenage girl, it does lead to a lot of the episode’s funniest and more well done moments.

With Lisa’s subplot, it just seems so off for her character as a whole to do what she does in this episode plus they don’t do anything different that what you’d expect, it’s about as predictable and clichéd as you can get as far as a storyline.

The plot with Bart is easily the more interesting storyline going on in this episode and it’s the one that helps moves the episode along nicely.

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