Batman: The Animated Series 25th Anniversary #13: I’ve Got Batman In My Basement

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I’ve Got Batman In My Basement was first broadcasted on September 30, 1992 with a script by Sam Graham & Chris Hubbell and directed by Frank Paur.

During a fight with Batman over a stolen Fabergé egg, the Penguin incapacitates Batman with poison gas. The Dark Knight is rescued by a teenage amateur detective named Sherman Grant and his friend Roberta, who hide Batman in Sherman’s basement long enough for him to recover before the Penguin finds them.

We’re introduced to The Penguin in this episode, voiced in the series by Paul Williams, and the design of the Penguin is a cool concept, it mixes the design of Danny DeVito’s Penguin from Batman Returns while mixing it this more contemporized vocal tone that Paul Williams has.

As far as the episode goes, I think it has a better concept than the actual episode delivers.

Some people have actually considered this the worst episode of Batman: The Animated Series ever and I do not think it’s that bad at all. Is it a great episode, not really? Is it the worst episode I’ve watched so far? Yeah, I’ll give you that. I know there were much worse episodes than this one was.

I think the overall problem that most people had with this episode is that this is the first episode that really did seem more focuses on appealing to the kids who can’t follow the more adult elements of the show that had been established plus we’ve been getting some pretty intense heavy episodes up to this point so maybe they felt like it was time for a more lighthearted episode.

And for that, the episode really isn’t that terrible, I actually did like that the kid characters were likeable and not as annoying that they could’ve been but as far as being written as well as the other characters that we’ve gotten so far, I really don’t think they are as strong as they could’ve been written.

The biggest problem the episode seems to have is that it’s not all that memorable, it’s basically just vapor, you watch it, you see what there is to see and then you forget about it the next day. There have been much better Penguin episodes than this one and I think that in the hands of a better writer from the staff, I think this could’ve been a way better episode but as it stands, this one is just okay, it’s not the worst episode ever but it’s the worst I’ve watched in rewatching the series from the beginning again.

Thankfully, the next episode is not only an upgrade but it’s one of the best episodes of TV ever.

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  1. […] behind this episode is Dong Yang Animation, who also did the animation for Two-Face Part II and I’ve Got Batman In My Basement along with a ton of other episodes from Batman: TAS and even the Subzero movie they made years […]

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