Talking Simpsons #483: Rome-Old & Juli-Eh

Oh god, this episode, Rome-Old & Juli-Eh, the 15th episode of season 18 and the 393rd overall, was first broadcasted on March 11, 2007 with a script by Daniel Chun and directed by Nancy Kruse.

When Grampa gets kicked out of the retirement castle thanks to Homer declaring bankruptcy (and discovering that bankruptcy laws have changed), Grampa falls in love with Marge’s sister Selma, prompting sworn enemies Homer and Patty to team up to break them up. Meanwhile, Bart and Lisa con a delivery man into giving them cardboard boxes for a fort, but the delivery men fight back.

Just EWWW!!!!!!!! Grampa and Selma getting together is just…wrong. And that’s because well, they’re related, it’s basically a form of incest. I mean, we’re reaching Family Guy levels here, people.

Okay, they did kind of the same thing 13 seasons earlier when Grampa fell in love with Marge’s mother and even then, that felt a little too much but really, this was just pushing it.

And again, they don’t do anything creative with it, it basically just ends up falling into the same scenario that Lady Bouvier’s Lover ends up going into. Not even the subplot with Bart & Lisa vs. the delivery drivers, which had a lot of potential, works as well as it could’ve.

The whole episode just ends up being another one of those “what was up with that?” scenarios. The next time you take a bit from the ‘You’ll Never Stop The Simpsons’ song, can you make it about the Marge robot? There’s some potential:

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