My Take On… #230: Why Do We Dumb Down Advertising?

Why do we continue to keep dumbing down advertising?

You know what I’m talking about, 99% of the commercials that air on TV have those bad TV actors who claim to be ‘real people’ when you know good and well that nobody acts like that in real life.

But not only that, commercials with awkwardly bad comedy in them and trying to make simple jokes and redundant statements a thing but they are not.

And those ads that think they are actually trying to be clever and cute when they are stupid and annoying.

We’ve been plastered with a ton of these ads for years now and they just seem to get stupider and stupider every year. So, why do we keep doing it? Why do the marketing companies that put these ads keep forcing their unfunny and unentertaining ads at us?

I mean, I’m sorry, I don’t understand why we keeping buying into the bullshit that Geico continues to give us, not with the Gecko, but their other ads where they take simple phrases, make them acted out and that’s it, there’s the “joke” and none of those ads are funny at all but yet Geico continues to plaster this shitty humor in our faces.

Then, there’s those stupid ‘real people’ ads that have been popping up a lot recently for Chevrolet and a bunch of other companies where they have ‘real people’ that are this surprised to find out this interesting thing about a product when really, nobody has ever met a person like that in real life. There’s even a guy online called Zebra Corner who does parodies of these ads that are brilliant:

Oh god, these are so spot on, and make these abortions of commercials much more enjoyable.

So, really, why do we do this to ourselves? Why do we keep allowing these stupid ads to keep playing on our TV?

Have we really forgot a time when commercials were just as memorable as the shows we were watching? I mean, honestly folks, is there any commercials that we’ve gotten in the last couple of years that doesn’t have stupid jokes and unrealistic actors attached to it? None that I can remember and that is the whole problem here.

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