Batman: The Animated Series 25th Anniversary #23: Vendetta

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Vendetta was first broadcasted on October 5, 1992 with a script by Michael Reaves and directed by Frank Paur.

Detective Bullock is arrested for kidnapping. Batman, who dislikes Bullock but nevertheless believes him to be a good man, investigates, and discovers the identity of the real criminal: Killer Croc, who harbors a vendetta against Bullock for capturing him once.

To be perfectly honest, the overall design of Killer Croc never really impressed me in this series, it’s not a bad design by any means but I think that overall, compared to some of the designs for the other villains in the Rogues Gallery introduced up to this point. The design of him doesn’t really look live up to the name, I mean look at this:


When you think of the name Killer Croc, is that the first thing you really think of? I don’t know, maybe it’s just me on this issue. At least in this episode, it kind of bothers me, as the show moves on and Croc keeps more exposure, the design didn’t bother me all too much.

But I will honestly say that this is another really solid episode. As much as I was criticizing Killer Croc’s look, he still came off as a badass foil, voiced very well by Aron Kincaid, and showing off some impressive badassness to him:

The animation in this is also spectacular, the red eyes on Batman in that fight scene alone are just so awesome to watch.

I also did like that they actually gave Bullock a storyline to work with and how Batman is still willing to help him even after the countless times Bullock’s tried to arrest him and not trust him no matter what he does, he still knows that Bullock’s intentions are in the right place enough to help him.

Vendetta is a overall decent solid episode that has a lot of good animation and action to make it enjoyable, the design of Killer Croc is a little too distracting but the character in the episode is still fun to watch. Not one of the best but certainly not one of the worst episodes either.

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