Batman: The Animated Series 25th Anniversary #24: Fear Of Victory

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Fear Of Victory was first broadcasted on September 29, 1992 with a script by Samuel Warren Joseph and directed by Dick Sebast.

The Scarecrow invents a fear chemical that is activated by adrenaline. Then, he uses it to affect the outcome of athletic events. Whenever a single person becomes agitated, the fear chemical kicks in, turning his excitement to fear. The Scarecrow bets against the sports stars’ teams as part of his criminal scheme to scare up some quick cash, and Batman and Robin must foil his plot.

Um….talk about a downgrade compare to the last plan the Scarecrow had. The Scarecrow’s plan in Nothing To Fear to have everybody face their fears with his gas makes more sense to that character. Here, creating a chemical activated by adrenaline to essentially fix games, that doesn’t really seem more like a threat for the Scarecrow, it seems more like he just wants to get paid fast, that’s like something the Joker would use or The Mad Hatter would use as his plan. I don’t know, I just never saw Scarecrow having those kinds of plans where he was just doing it for the money. I don’t know, it just seems out of character for Scarecrow in this one.

Heck, this episode is more centered on Robin, voiced by Loren Lester, and what he’s been up to since the last time we saw him in Christmas With The Joker, a good 22 episodes ago. In this episode we find out that Robin is in college, hence why he’s hasn’t been seen in the series as much, and this episode is mainly centered around him trying to find out why his friend, a college football player with a bright future, is acting weird during these big games and then eventually getting the same fear toxin and trying to conquer his own fears while trying to still be a hero.

Also for an episode done by TMS, this really didn’t look like it for the most part. There are definitely those little touches that you can expect from TMS that would make you believe this was from them like the scene where Brian sees the monsters on the football field and some of the animation style in some scenes have that quality of TMS but overall, you would never guess that this was from them.

As far as the episode goes, it’s a decent episode, not a particular strong one especially since it’s the return for The Scarecrow but I really did feel like his plan in this one was not up to par with the last thing he tried to pull in Nothing To Fear. The more interesting aspect is the development of Robin, which of course would be later expanded on in the series, but it’s a nice starting point to giving us a reasonable explanation for why he’s not hanging out with Batman as much.

Overall, this one is not a great episode but it’s not a bad one either, kind of another mixed bag episode.

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