Batman: The Animated Series 25th Anniversary #25: The Clock King

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The Clock King was first broadcasted on September 21, 1992 with a script by David Wise and directed by Kevin Alteri.

After his company goes bankrupt, Temple Fugate becomes the Clock King. Fugate sets out to seek his revenge against the man whom he blames for his misfortunes: Mayor Hamilton Hill. Fugate kidnaps Hill, intending to do away with him to accomplish his revenge. Batman must stop Fugate from carrying out his revenge and save the mayor’s life.

Talk about another great overlooked villain from Batman: The Animated Series, The Clock King was always one of my personal favorites from the series mostly because of the reasons why he became a bad guy:

There, that’s all you really need to be a bad guy, just the worst day imaginable, I love how something so simple can turn a man into a straight up bad guy, no horrific backstory, no facial features screwed up, it’s just one guy who had the worst day of his life losing everything because somebody told him to take his coffee break 15 minutes later than usual. But hey like the Joker said, “All it takes is one bad day to reduce the sanest man alive to lunacy…” And yeah, he was kind of right.

I also love how cunning and slick Fugate becomes once he becomes The Clock King, just watch this scene where Batman confronts him for the first time:

I guess what makes The Clock King such a cool villain was that unlike everybody else, he was always so calm, cool, and collected when concocting his evil schemes, he never lost his cool once he became a bad guy, he always had perfect timing, quite literally, when fighting Batman, and he came ready to fight.

It also helps to have a cool voice to him. When I watched this episode for the first time, I really thought they had gotten either Tom Hanks or his brother Jim Hanks, who usually stands in for spinoffs to projects Tom associates himself with, but as it turns out, Clock King is voiced by Alan Rachins, best known as Doug Brackman on L.A. Law and Dharma’s dad on Dharma & Greg. And Rachins perfectly fits the role of the Clock King really well, I like how his performance even has a little bit of Robert De Niro in Cape Fear anytime De Niro said “counselor”.

I mean, on the whole, there’s really not much more to talk about The Clock King as a whole, this is a really great episode in which Batman faces a villain who became one simply because of one simple mistake. The Clock King is such a great underrated villain that I wish they used more of in the series. The animation is also great, the script is well written by Wise, the action is great, it’s just such a great, great episode that is well worth your time……no pun intended.

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