The Music Room #29: Top 10 Bond Movie Songs

James fucking Bond, not only is Bond, the king of all spies in film but he has quite the soundtrack to add to his roster of feature films. Hell, sometimes the songs themselves are actually better than the movies they are played with.

And today, we’re here to talk about the 10 absolute best Bond Movie Songs and no, the original theme song is not going to be included because…well, it’d be giving it an unfair advantage over the other songs on this list so with that said, on we go:

10. You Only Live Twice, Nancy Sinatra

At least Nancy Sinatra’s singing of this song saved the mixed bag that was this movie that started to show more of the clichéd elements of a Bond film.

9. Thunderball, Tom Jones

Mixing Tom Jones’ classic singing style with the 60s era style music, the opening theme of Thunderball is an element that saves the mediocrity that is Thunderball. If Tom Jones has to nearly collapse from singing the final note of the song, you know that’s how committed he was to making this work.

8. Goldeneye, Tina Turner

The first song for the new Pierce Brosnan era of James Bond and Tina Turner’s vocals manage to help to bring Bond into the 20th century in the best possible way.

7. Goldfinger, Shirley Bassey

One of the greatest movie themes of all time, Shirley Bassey’s first of two for the franchise, the other being Diamonds Are Forever, her vocals on this help to set up the tone for this movie perfectly for what was ahead in the film.

6. Nobody Does It Better, Carly Simon

One of Carly Simon’s greatest hits, the song does such a good job of appealing to Simon’s style of music but still feeling like a late 70s ballad for the movie we’re about to watch.

5. Live & Let Die, Paul McCartney & Wings

Can never go wrong with Paul McCartney and I’ll be damned if Live & Let Die doesn’t kick ass, it’s a great song that starts off slow but once it picks up, you’re hooked and along for the ride.

4. Skyfall, Adele

With callbacks to Shirley Bassey, Adele kills it with this sure to be a classic theme song for Skyfall.

3. For Your Eyes Only, Sheena Easton

Like Carly Simon’s Nobody Does It Better, what makes For Your Eyes Only work is that the song appeals so much to Sheena Easton’s singing style while getting the timeperiod’s style of music down too, a great love ballad that fits right into the movie you’re about to watch.

2. Writing’s On The Wall, Sam Smith

I already did a post talking about how good this song was and I’ve said many, many times that this song is the only good thing associated with that pile of garbage that was Spectre.

Writing’s On The Wall shouldn’t have to be associated with such a terrible opening sequence or just be criticized because of how it’s not up to the levels of Skyfall but you know what, I really dug the hell out of Writing’s On The Wall, it’s the only really solid thing to come out of Spectre and it helped to have a great musical talent like Sam Smith at the head to sing it and I personally think it’s a better song than Skyfall by just a bit. If there’s anything good that I’ll take from Spectre, it’s this badass song.

and the #1 best Bond movie song of all time is…

A View To A Kill, Duran Duran

Talk about the most badass and most epic Bond song of all time, not only is this right up Duran Duran’s alley in terms of the musical style but it just sucks you in right away with this epic music playing, it’s such a badass song that fits for the movie you’re about to watch, to me, it’s the best Bond movie song ever.

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