The Following Preview… #78: Cars 3

Source: Disney

Disney has released what might be the final trailer for Cars 3, opening up on June 16th:

All right, you won me back over….not that I really left the idea that Cars 3 was just going to be another Cars 2 but I will say those trailers we got in-between that WTF teaser in November and now were not quite as impressive as that first teaser was.

But with this trailer, I gotta admit, I’m fully back on board for this because you can look at this trailer and already tell that there is a vast improvement in quality here than there was in the second Cars movie, mostly that it doesn’t feel like a simple cashgrab. Kind of like how the Planes sequel was more of a better quality movie than the first movie was.

What sold me right off the bat is that it looks like we are actually going to see McQueen’s accident in full and it’s not some dream sequence or we’re only gonna see bits and pieces, no, they make it clear that we’re gonna see it in full.

It’s also surprising considering this is getting a G rating like the other two movies. For one thing, that’s awesome because we need more G rated movies out there, the last one I can remember was The Peanuts Movie back in November 2015. And two, that’s odd that Cars 3 can get a G rating while Finding Dory, the sequel to the G rated Finding Nemo, got a PG rating last year.

One of the things that I think is working to this movie’s advantage is that Lightning McQueen seems to be more humanized in this movie than he was in Cars 2 like he’s taking this whole idea of possibly being pushed out of something he loves so much seriously because of the newer competition and that is something that most athletes I think have that fear of, so hopefully the movie shows that there is this silver lining to this kind of situation.

There is one thing that does have me a little off and that’s the ADR work on Cristela Alonzo, who voices Cruz Ramirez, Lightning’s trainer. There’s too many moments in this where it seems like she’s more clearer and more out of tone with the rest of the voice work too. Hopefully, that’s something they will fix as the film gets closer to release but that just felt off to me.

I really like the cast they have for this, Cristela Alonzo and Armie Hammer, who plays Jackson Storm, are two actors who I’ve been waiting to branch out big time and hopefully, this will be the thing that starts to get these two out to the spotlight more. You also have Nathan Fillion, Kerry Washington, Isaiah Whitlock Jr., Chris Cooper, Margo Martindale, as well as the original cast back. I will say Mater had one of the funnier lines in this trailer with that exchange between him and Lightning, that gives me hope that he won’t be all over the place and giving these unfunny lines like he had in Cars 2.

Like I said, I never was fully off the idea that Cars 3 was not going to live up to the hype that first trailer gave us but this trailer definitely brings me back around to the idea that this may be really good. Like if I had just seen that first teaser and this new trailer, this would’ve been one of the bigger movies I was looking forward to this summer.

For now, this trailer definitely shows a lot of promise to it and hopefully, it can surprise a lot of people and prove that the Cars franchise may have life to it after all.

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