Batman: The Animated Series 25th Anniversary #33: Robin’s Reckoning, Part 2

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Part 2 of Robin’s Reckoning was first broadcasted on February 14, 1993 in primetime and then aired in the weekday timeslot first on May 18, 1993 with a script by Randy Rogel and directed by Dick Sebast.

Angered by Batman’s deceit, Robin sets out to find Tony Zucco on his own, all the while plagued by the memories of his parents’ death and how Bruce took him in as his own son. Eventually, Batman manages to find Zucco at an old amusement park, but breaks his leg during the fight. Robin finally arrives and prepares to kill Zucco in revenge.

The first part of Robin’s Reckoning was essentially to establish the relationship between Bruce Wayne and the young Dick Grayson and how they came together. Now, we see how the relationship of Batman and Robin is established through the past.

Once again, the episode does a great job creating this great backstory for how Dick became Robin much like how part one established Bruce becoming a secondary father to Dick. I love the scene where the kid Dick Grayson confronts not just Zucco but Batman:

My favorite part of that whole scene is just Dick constantly screaming “no, you had him, you let him go, why did you do it? Why?” while he’s beating down on Batman’s chest, like this kid has no idea yet that this is actually Bruce and yet, he feels the need to just beat down on Batman’s chest because he’s that angry that he let him go.

Also, something I didn’t mention in part one, I like how Batman’s suit doesn’t have the yellow shield in those earlier years like it does in the modern era the show takes in, it’s just the bat logo like the one later used in The New Batman Adventures on the suit.

The final action scene is where the high tension comes in to play starting with the great music by the late Shirley Walker and then you get to where Robin finally has Zucco in his hands and Batman trying to reason with Robin before he does something crazy. I also loved Batman’s real reasoning for why Robin shouldn’t have gone after Zucco at the end:

That’s about as perfect as an ending as you can get for this story, Robin finally has that chance to take down the man that’s caused him all sorts of hell but even he has to finally has sense enough to realize what he’s doing is not the right way to do things. And that last bit where Bruce is telling Dick why he stopped him from going after Zucco, him saying that Zucco’s taking so much from him and caused him so much misery, Batman didn’t want him to end up going to, it’s pretty damn heartfelt and it just goes to show how much Bruce cares about Dick and what his life has been like.

Also, remember back in Feat Of Clay Part II when I said there was more inspiration taken from Akira, does that scene where Robin slides on the motorcycle ring a bell to anyone?:

Of all the two part episodes this show has done, Robin’s Reckoning is easily the best of the bunch because it maintains consistent quality throughout both parts unlike the others where one part is really solid and the other part is not as good, Robin’s Reckoning maintains that quality in both parts from great animation to great storytelling to great music to great emotional moments, this is Batman: The Animated Series at its’ absolute finest.

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