The Untitled Better Call Saul Posting #24: Sabrosito

I know I’m getting this one up late but I got distracted from other things, mostly the Penguins game I attended Monday night, so sorry for getting this one up late so…

Sabrosito was written by Jonathan Glatzer and directed by Thomas Schanuz.

In a flashback, Hector delivers his tribute to Don Eladio, but is humiliated when Gus sends a significantly larger tribute via Juan Bolsa, earning Don Eladio’s favor and ridicule towards Hector. In the present, Hector confronts Gus at Los Pollos Hermanos and attempts to threaten him into using his trucks to move his drugs, now that the police have closed off his main smuggling route. Gus sends payment to Mike for his services, but Mike refuses to accept it. Meanwhile, Jimmy hires Mike to pose as a handyman and uses the repair of Chuck’s door as cover to photograph the interior of Chuck’s house in order to document the bizarre living conditions. Mike returns to his day job, where Gus arrives to meet him. Gus probes Mike as to why he didn’t accept his money, lets Mike know that he’s interested in hiring him and reveals that he stopped Mike from killing Hector because “a bullet to the head would have been far too humane.” Jimmy, Kim, Hamlin, Chuck and ADA Hay meet in order to finalize Jimmy’s confession, with Jimmy agreeing to have his confession reviewed by the New Mexico Bar Association. After the meeting, Kim confronts Chuck, telling him that she suspects he has a copy of the tape. Chuck confirms her suspicions and states that he plans to submit the tape as evidence in Jimmy’s disciplinary hearing. Kim then relays the information to Jimmy, revealing that having Chuck admit the existence of the second tape was all according to their plan.

A really solid episode overall, a lot of good acting abound in this one.

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